man meets woman in paris

Luc Besson breaks new ground in his filmmaking with Angel-A, a movie about a schlub who finds a tall, strikingly beautiful but supernatural woman to accompany him on his exploits. If you remember his sci-fi adventure The Fifth Element, this is the same thing but exchanging sci-fi for art house. Watch the trailer.

picture of the day


Brooklyn-based, Peter Beste. From his Norwegian Black Metal series

DIY camera


A bottle of glue, a ruler, and a pencil are the only things separating you for pure and crushing pinhole ecstasy. The Hole-On-Ex is a palm-sized 35mm camera that you construct with your very own blood, sweat, and tears. In exchange for about 90 minutes of your hard labor, you

magazine cover, from WAD


WAD Magazine (we are different)
The Northern Europe Issue

Check out there myspace page to learn more about WAD!

Ambiguous Artist


Leslie Hall is an artist of some kind. Her Gem Sweater Portraits are interesting. It is pretty hard to figure Leslie Hall out though

reason to go to San Jose, in may

The San Jose Museum of Art presents the first museum exhibition and publication of Camille Rose Garcia, an emerging artist from the Los Angeles underground scene, whose narrative-based works express an acute political consciousness. The artist

benefit art show in bushwick


On February 8th, our friends over at Visual Resistance are having a one night benefit show to help support Just Seeds. From the look of the line-up, there will definitely be some exciting work, with most priced between $10 and $30. If you have the chance, stop by

superfine collaboration with ic! berlin


The makers of the “worlds skinniest jeans”,Superfine, have collaborated with ic! Berlin to create a series of twbe eyewear.
Select special editions to view the styles.

Leisure Shirt


“And now for those of you watching in black and white, this one’s in technicolour.”
The Paul Weller Limited Edition Fred Perry shirt. Crafted in a fabric knit not used by the brand for 40 years, with a slimmer fit, wider collar and original colourways. Limited to 1000 individually hand-numbered shirts worldwide. We’ve happily procured #736.

Wooden Toy


Danish silversmith Kay Bojesen created this wooden rabbit as part of his collection of children’s toys made of durable teak wood back in 1951. His toy soldier, elephant, bear and monkey have prospered and multiplied. The rabbit, rather ironically, hasn’t.

time to relaunch the faile store


21 years from the the day and time the Space Shuttle Challenger crashed, Brooklyn’s Faile will relaunch their online store. Coming off an outstanding show in L.A., there is sure to be some new work for consumption. Act fast

Reason to forgive the french


For those Bondophiles who despise the French… all should be forgiven. James Bond (2)007: Cultural History and Aesthetic Stakes of a Saga was a three-day conference held last week at the National Library in Paris, where researchers and assorted intelligentsia dissected, criticized and praised the british agent. Read the story here.