Shepard Fairey print release


Going up for sale on Tuesday is a new print by Shepard Fairey titled “War for Sale, Red”. This is a follow-up to a cream version he released last week. When the print goes up, you will probably only have a minute to buy it, so don’t hesitate.


video of the day


Circle JerksBeverly Hills/Wasterd” (live 1985).
Blank Tv, has a amazing collection of punk, hardcore video’s.

star wars game(right now!)


Star Wars force unleashed will be released in November, for xbox, and playstation 3. Watch the trailer here. The game

list of cool stores in america

cooleststores.jpg, lists the 27 coolest stores in america, heavy on the new york side, but its a pretty good list, and links too.

Collaboration with Nom De Guerre


Converse hooks up with NYC boutique Nom De Guerre for a low-run Jack Purcell. The sneaker, which is part of Converse

lego set


At 5,195 pieces (and nearly 3 feet long), the Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon not only achieves “world’s best” status, it’s also the biggest Lego set ever made. Available for preorder now, this fantastic bucket of bricks will be available this October.

photo project


A few years ago, A guy gives a camera and some film to a homeless kid he befriended while visiting some family in San Luis Obispo CA. He makes a deal’s he can keep the camera as long as he sends him the film. A few months pass, he received a large envelope filled with photos in the mail from the kid, along with a brief letter describing what he had been doing since he last saw him. There were about a hundred photos, mostly horribly under or over exposed pictures of people sitting around, but there are some interesting ones. Take a look.

gathering of sharks

The largest collection of great white sharks, feeding on a whale “it was amazing to see sharks line up like little piglets suckling from there mother”, commentary from the clip. I have to say it is an amazing piece of video.

picture of the day


From the bombing of Hiroshima and Nakasaki, by unknown, 1945.

engineering achievement


Its ballast tanks can be flooded to lower the well deck below the water’s surface, allowing oil platforms, other vessels, or other floating cargo to be moved into position for loading. So whats “the worlds best” out these ships, you ask. Its sheds light on the fact someone came up with this concept, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. See more photo’s from fogonazos.

reaction to estimate-breaking sales


Banksy, in response to his tremendous sales at auction this week

Bombing Middle England –