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The iphone can do everything, according to Conan O’brien.

power toys


Hell.ru > The last drop” is about oil. All characters and their world is metaphor of oil that russian oil companies pumping out of our land and oil industry in general. Characters are not fertile, their numbers counted and each day less and less of them remain. Everything they do is just waiting for the last drop. Anyone of them can be last. Countdown to the end. A new line of plush toys designed by Sergey Safonov and hand-knitted by Mary Safonov with a targeted end-of-spring launch.

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Over at Visual Resistance, you can pick up this nice Swoon print (edition of 250) for a solid $100 plus shipping. One of the few chances one will get to be able to afford her work

you must obey


Retro style


Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones are the “hipster shite”, from the cream perforated leather head strap to the enamel speaker casing, you will be the envy on the L train. And, the sound quality is excellent. Its Hi-Def for your ears.

Year in photos


From Vanity Fair‘s “2006 The Year in Photo’s”, Angelina Jolie, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

NIN performing a new song

NIN in Barcelona perform survivalism, from there upcoming album, Year Zero. The new album will be released this April.

example of web 2.0

If your not sure what “web 2.0” is, watch this video and you might have an idea. An idea, to be excited about and an idea of what to fear. Created by Digital Ethnography, a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.


Grindhouse the new Quinton Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film looks amazing. Well, at least the trailer does. FYI, besides Kurt Russel, Geraldo Rivera, and Josh Brolin, are in it.



The Jam reforming…without Paul Weller.

photo: Adrian Boot

Lenticular Cover


Wallpaper does it again with their limited edition covers. In recent months, they’ve lent a nod to the design world by displaying (sans-coverline) the work of Dieter Rams and Alan Fletcher. The March issue has them doing the same for fashion, bringing to life Hussein Chalayan’s mechanical dress. Available now to subscribers and those near fancy newsagents.

picture of the day


Jake Dobkin, streetsy