to move to Jersey City,(well, maybe, maybe not)


111 First Street, Jersey City. A innovative, design for a mixed-use development unveiled by architect Rem Koolhaas.

year of the pig limited edition adidas


Another blessing from We Sold Out, the ADIDAS TOP TEN LO YEAR OF THE PIG limited edition. Slightly reminiscent of a sock monkey, the shoes have great detail and a mix of leather, patent leather, and fleece. As always once they’re gone…..

picture of the day


Major Deegan

babe magnet


Forget about buying yourself a porsche or a lamborghini, the Batmobile is up for auction. The car has been touring the world, helping kids to stay of drugs and enthusiasts and collectors (old men) to relive there childhood daydreams!

printable cold sores


A little late to the game on this one, but worthy none the less.
“Nowhere in advertising is the gap between natural beauty and manufactured perfection more apparent than on subway posters. As we wait for transportation, we are unwillingly assaulted by larger-than-life representations of supposedly beautiful salespeople. The large scale of these ads and their extremely close proximity to the viewer offer up more than perceived intimacy, however… they give us the chance to see the mechanical flaws designed to correct their physical flaws.”
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/deepest train station in the world


What is

shepard fairey print release


The most gorgeous print he has produced for a bit, Peace Goddess. I know when I am taking lunch.

reason to love the mac, bullet proof


A mugging victim in Brazil avoided a trip to the ER thanks to his trusty bodyguard, a seemingly bulletproof MBP. It ain’t no Toughbook, but at least it took one for the team. Read More at Engadget .

new york skate movie

Along with San Francisco and Barcelona, New York is arguably the modern street skating city, both in reality and image. Because of the unique background, experience and perspective of the film’s creators and the decision to “cast” the city of New York as one of the main characters, New York City Skate Film promises to be an unprecedented, seminal film. More info here NCP Films.

picture of the day


Eliot Shepard

laser cut veneer lamp


Vest Collective, the laser cut veneer Folk Lamp. Read more about Vest at MocoLoco,

hot celebrity potheads


Blatant pot smoking a new trend in celebrity style? Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton all caught in the act.
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