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Verbarius answers the question

post-it wall



Duncan Wilson created wallpaper consisting of four layers of varying grey tones on a bright primary backing. Each layer is perforated in a grid format and backed with a tacky adhesive similar to

picture of the day


From Hallie, found here

Adam Ant impersonation


Check out Balenciaga Fall Collection at, and download stand and deliver from itunes and enjoy the slideshow!



Christina Ricci, photographed by Craig Mcdean for Another Magazine. Check out the trailer/website for her new film Black Snake Moan.

push for the future


2015, the year Marty McFly visited the Hilldale of the future and rode around briefly on a hoverboard. Future Horizons inc. is trying to bring 2015 to 2007 with their own hoverboard (pictured above). Measuring 5 ft long and 2 ft wide it can lift a 200+ lb rider a whole inch above the ground. While they do not actually offer the hoverboard for sale, they do offer the plans for it for $40 meaning that you can do some design tweaks and possibly craft something better. Future Horizons inc. also offers plans for jet packs, laser pistols, and a whole lot more.

breakfast bowl


Created by StudioBo, S.O.S.[sinking bowl] is soup or serials bowl with a sinking plane or ship in the middle. When pour the milk or soup in bowl, it



Late breaking news, lets vote for the seven wonders of the world. Why not eight, nine, or ten wonders? Well someone decided that we need to vote on new ones. All I can say this is the biggest wast of time in the world. And, to top it off, the pyramids feel they maybe left out, so they are withdrawing from the vote. Do we really need this? Will you sleep better at night knowing you helped define the new seven wonders of the world? I know I will, so vote now.

art theft


The paintings, “Maya and the Doll” (above) and “Portrait of Jacqueline,” disappeared overnight Monday to Tuesday from the chic 7th arrondissement, or district, a Paris police official said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said they were worth nearly $66 million, and that there were signs of breaking and entering in the house.

Though police only mentioned the two paintings, the director of the Picasso Museum, Anne Baldassari, said several paintings and drawings were stolen from the home of Diana Widmaier-Picasso. Read more about the theft at

sneaky shepard fairey


If you were quick enough you got the peace goddess (mentioned in a previous post). If you were in the know then the Rise Above Arrows Pattern (above) could have been yours. In an edition of 100 it makes for a tasty print.

reason we like the mac

Today, Parallels taking their Windows Virtualization software for Intel Macs to the next level, with a final release of an update featuring Coherence Mode and Transporter, additional features that have been in beta for months.

Visually, Coherence is the more spectacular feature, as it allows users to run Windows and Linux applications inside the Mac OS X Finder — not in a separate virtualization environment. It’s as close to the dream of running any software on a single platform as I’ve ever seen. Check it out in the YouTube video above. Read more at

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