Bacon Ipsum

If you’re a graphic/web/whatever designer, there’s no reason to use anything but Bacon Ipsum now.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet sausage bacon short loin venison beef ribs. Shankle meatball jerky, short loin bresaola ham hock tongue hamburger ground round beef ribs chuck. Tenderloin pork chop chicken swine, drumstick pig brisket. Bresaola chuck fatback shoulder, tri-tip strip steak ham. Tri-tip ground round salami venison. Pork loin pastrami flank short ribs tri-tip ham hock. Jerky ham hock beef tongue bacon, fatback rump shoulder.

Rump boudin pork loin, swine venison ground round chuck jerky. Ground round pork belly pastrami, drumstick shankle jowl corned beef chuck shoulder meatball pork loin beef strip steak. Tenderloin pork chop pancetta, beef t-bone drumstick bresaola brisket chicken venison shankle. Pancetta biltong jerky short ribs tail pastrami. Tail meatloaf bacon, boudin pork belly pork chop salami biltong. Meatball ham pork loin, sausage pork chop drumstick beef ribs ball tip pork. Fatback pork pig, ham hock ground round tongue shoulder.

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A great new resource site from the House Industries folks, who I found out last night run the entire thing off of two Mac Minis. is a new service that allows you to create, modify and purchase headlines from an easy-to-use online interface. Since acquiring the Photo-Lettering collection in 2003, House Industries has been digitizing and, more importantly, working to recreate the attention to detail that the original staff dedicated to each headline. brings this level of quality and accessibility to casual and professional users alike.

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A Visit to Globe Posters

Last week, Roger, Angelique, Caleb and I took a trip to Baltimore. We visited SHAKEN, ate crab balls at Chappie’s, explored the punk rock/graffiti den known as the Loft, and visited a strip club where the stage was made out of raw plywood (because there’s nothing sexier than strippers with splinters). But most memorable of all was our tour of the historic Globe Posters. Founded in 1929, Globe produced bills for almost every soul, funk, rhythm & blues or hip-hop act imaginable. Their designs, chunks of florescent colors and typefaces are now iconic, and it was a privilege to visit Globe before it is gone. Due to financial issues, Globe closed its doors last year, but co-owner Bob Cicero granted us a special tour of the shop and its piles of original posters, hand-carved wood type and vintage print blocks. These are probably some of the last photos you will see of this amazing place. Bob estimated that Globe will be gone for good within the next two months.


MoMA acquires 23 digital typefaces for its Architecture and Design Collection

Here they are.
Read more about it at MoMA

The Force of Typography

Created by Advertising Agency H-57 Creative Station, Milan, Italy


Gangsta Latin

Check out Lorizzle, a text generator site that generates Gangsta latin! So if you want to “gangsta up” your lorem ipsum in your designs, this site will let you generate Velizzle paragraphs for all your layouts.

Periodical table of Typefaces

The Periodical Table of Typefaces was created by Cam Wilde, the print is available for purchase.

You Must Watch This

The History of the Typewriter as recited by Michael Winslow (of Police Academy fame)

via, the DW

Cell Type

For their May Annual issue, Creative Review tapped Craig Ward to design their cover.  What Ward came up with was absolutely brilliant, he went into a lab and worked with technicians using pollen cells to create “cell-level typography.”

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remembering Malcolm McLaren

Taking a second to remember Malcolm McLaren, Friends of Type create this piece to honor him.