Sign by Sign, History Is Told on London’s Walls by Alice Rawsthorn

The History of Typography, Animated


Parisian Neighborhoods Described Through Kinetic Typography

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Paula Scher on designing in and with perspective

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For The Type Obsessive

The Scrabble Typography Edition

What is Dead May Never Die

A Brief History of Retro Design and Technology by Kadavre Exquis

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Designing By Numbers

Typographer Karel Martens.

Part of Submarine Channel’s ongoing video series featuring interviews with various designer, directors, animators, artists and architects.


Morning Dose of The Forty Story

Pentagram design celebrates its fortieth anniversary with a story of boy born on the same day as the design firm.

I Shot The Serif

Shoot the serif is a type nerd’s afternoon distraction.

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Greg Lamarche is speaking at the Type Director’s Club.

“This interactive and informal discussion focuses on how graffiti has influenced my development as a collage artist, letterist and illustrator.  The talk will explore my techniques and unorthodox practices using hand lettering in relationship to my fine art and commercial art.”

Tickets are still available.

The Art of Film & TV Title Design


PBS Off Book nails another one.

Morning Dose of Kinetic Type


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