round flask


Donut-like in appearance, this round flask designed by troika is “Inspired by the Bauhaus esthetic” and “is a pleasure to hold and gently curved to fit perfectly in a back pocket.” All that being true what goes inside of this flask will most likely be enjoyable as a donut itself. Buy it here

One more time

For all the toy collectors… Obey will have a special 8″ Dunny release on Wednesday, Feb 7th. This is the 8″ version of Shepard’s Los Angeles Artist Series Dunny released last year. Kidrobot officially released the Dunny last week and sold out pretty quickly. Obey will have a very limited amount being released on the website and its going down on Wednesday. All of the Dunnies coming from Obey come, of course, signed and are limited to 1 per customer/household.

Signed and Limited Amount
$60.00 each, available Wednesday.

etched MacBook


Scott Campbell got a new laser machine and they are using it on everthing, (2007′ answer to the Brother PTouch label maker). Check out kaws blog on blog for the details.

ipod skin


If you keep your ipod out of your pocket and hate having the same look as everybody else, Gelaskins are for you. At $14.95 these artist commisioned skins (Ralph Steadman, above) cover your phone stylishly and “are made using premium grade vinyl with advanced adhesive technology by 3M”.

way to keep people out, with style


Lace Fence is an interior as well as an exterior product. Meaning the quality and endurability of its material and construction is developed to its highest level.
Created by dutch design house, Demakersvan, the designs are variable and each LaceFence will be unique in design by its craft and patterns. The patterns are available in various dessins, depending on the clients wishes.

reason you might buy a lladro


Designer Jaime Hayon created this was picked to update LLADRO, with a contemporary feel, with a classic touch. His work is amazing and he seems to be everyone’s favorite. It goes well with your comfortable victorian furniture.



Piero Fornasetti created over five hundred variations of the face of Lena Cavalieri on dinnerware, more specifically, plates.

magazine cover, from WAD


WAD Magazine (we are different)
The Northern Europe Issue

Check out there myspace page to learn more about WAD!

outdoor furniture


Studio JSPR has created twbe outdoor/indoor plastic furniture series. The Plastic Fantastic Series represent an unique styled in- and outdoor furniture collection which has been provided with a special Soft Skin


The University of Southern California professor, Behrokh Khoshnevis, contour crafting machine will erect its first house in California within the next few months. The two-story house will built in less than 24 hours out of only concrete and gypsum

juxtapoz magazine revamp


With the February 2007 issue of Juxtapoz there will be a new Editor-in-Chief, Upper Playground’s Founder and current CEO Matt Revelli. Along with the new EIC comes many new features, including new layout and editorial content. The issue kicks off with a cover featuring Brooklyn’s Swoon, reaffirming my decision of month’s ago to add a couple pieces of her’s to my collection. TADOW! Read the release here.

illustrated ode to britpop


Phonogram is a brilliant six-part mini-series developed by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie and released by Image Comics in September ’06. With covers paying homage to some of the great britpop albums of the 90s ( Definitely Maybe, It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah, Suede, Elastica) , they’ve proven to be quite successful, with the first two issues selling out immediately (currently on their second printing). The premise of the story is as follows:

“PHONOGRAM traces the misadventures of Phonomancer David Kohl as he hunts for whoever is interfering with his old patron, the long-dead Goddess of Britpop, Britannia. If he fails, history itself will be rewritten – with him entirely out of it. ”

Issue #4 is out today.

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