United States Patent 5,255,452, Method and Means for Creating Anti-Gravity Illusion

Understanding Michael Jackson’s 45º lean.


I ❤ NY

A short film about Milton Glaser, the creator of the infamous I Heart NY symbol and his struggle to find love for the city in a trying time.


For A Better Version of Facetime

To create their Handy Glass, Pentatonic converts recycled smartphone screens into sleek, consumer-grade drinking devices.


Health Halos

The behavioral psychology behind McDonald’s.


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Fake (Sustainable) Plastic Trees

Starting this year, Lego will begin using a “plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane” for their botanical elements, with the goal of sustainably in their core products by 2030.


Going Off The Grid Is Getting Easier

The SolarHome 620 by BioLite.


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Clean Machine

Dyson plans on going into the electric car market by 2020.


Kicked Out of the Tribe

The Cleveland Indians will do away with their Chief Wahoo logo after the 2018 season.

TCCC Unity

Neville Brody on the new typeface for Coca-Cola.


The Less They Say The Better

60 Years of Logos: Chermayeff & Geismar


“controversial and trendy”

Branding for the 2018 World Chess Championship Match.


Automotive Recreation

This new Singer-Modified Porsche 911 is the stuff of daydreams.