Artorialust: Deluxx Edition

Earlier this week we had a small event at Faile and Bäst’s Deluxx Fluxx, El Toro was there with camera in hand.

Artorialust: Pro Service

By the looks of these photos, El Toro had a fun Saturday at Shepard Fairey’s opening and after-party.

Artorialust: Belonging

El Toro traversed Crosby Street to OHWOW to document the better half.

Artorialust: Torodise

From the Barnstormers closing reception to a spot deep in Chinatown, El Toro made moves through Manhattan.

Artorialust: Barnstormin’

El Toro cruised through the opening of fantastic new Barnstormers show at Joshua Liner Gallery.

Artorialust: Buenos Aires

Courtney Boyd Myers reports back from Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporaneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina where we are reminded of what Summertime looks like.

Artorialust: Diet in Los Angeles

Our friend Diet was down in LA for Andres Guerrero and Albert Reyes’ show at Subliminal Projects.  I ran into him in SF, and he hooked me up with the disposable.  That city is nice.

Artorialust: Scoped Out

El Toro went over to Scope’s opening night and came back with proof that hot chicks love art.

Artorialust: The Return of El Toro

Last night saw the return of the epic TWBE photographer El Toro.  Hot Chicks at Art Openings never looked better.  Nuff Said

Artorialust: Best of 2009

Another great year that brought Art and Hot Chicks together.  Thanks to our photogs El Toro, Diet, Julia Chesky, Andres, and Jeremiah Mandel for the pics, and thanks to ladies for looking so fine.

Artorialust: Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki opened a show at Jonathan Levine’s on Saturday, Jeremiah Mandel was on hand to document the talent.

Artorialust: Miami Part 2

No disposable camera this time, just roaming talent. Photos by Diet & Curve