You Can’t Be Cool Forever

Age identity and Homerpalooza.


Disjointed Animations


While it did take a few episodes to get moving, Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’ was exactly what you’d want out of a network sitcom situated around the ganja. Diverse and relatable characters accompanied by an awkward studio audience. The best parts no doubt though, were the recurring animation sequences when the security guard spaced out and the visuals kicked in. A nod to the creative culture who championed the herb for so long.


Animators in order of appearance above:

Gabriel Mangold
Henry Bonsu/Damil Bryant
Anthony Schepperd
Sol Burbridge & Greg Arden of Bent Image
Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Taras Hrabowsky
Masanobu Hiraoka
Jake Fried
Harry Teitelman
Hideki Inaba

Song Artists in order of above:

Flying Lotus
The Meters
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Jon Hopkins
Jenny Hval
A. Scriabin


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