Artist Eats: Suzannah Sinclair


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Suzannah Sinclair to share her favorite place to eat. Suzannah is a Maine-based artist who paints elegant watercolor portraits of female figures. Continue reading for her answer.

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Full Speed Ahead to Vacationland

The Audi RS5 hates to go slow. I found this out while idling in the stop-and-go summertime traffic of Kennebunkport, Maine. Like a running back who’d been up against an impenetrable defensive line, she was frustrated, looking for a seam to open. Passersby didn’t mind that the Sepang Blue pearl car was barely moving. In fact, they enjoyed it. Rarely does one get to see a performance vehicle in such detail at such a slow speed. They marveled at the agitated revs, imagining themselves behind the wheel on the open road, or even just in traffic, the focus of many emoji-filled eyeballs. Finally, after many growls and stutters, we found a tiny moment of clearance, the result of a quick right-left juke move, bringing us onto a carless stretch of Route 9 headed towards Cape Porpoise. A couple more dodges (stop signs, the defenders of speed) and the RS 5 was purring, a blue streak under a canopy of green. The car, like the running back, was off in an open field sprint. Our goal however was not the end zone, but a series of lobster “shacks” on the edge of the ocean, and boy did we score.