“World’s Best” Pig Squealer


French truck driver Noël “Nono” Jamet took home first prize for the sixth year in a row for his pig impression at France’s annual agricultural fair in Paris.

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The Aggravated Pimp


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF is on trial in France for allegedly organizing and recruiting high-end prostitutes for orgies at luxury hotels across the globe. In France it’s not illegal to pay for sex, but it is illegal to pimp.

“Bill Clinton, Eat Your Heart Out”


Glenn O’Brien muses on The Mistress (France’s Secret Weapon)

The BANDO Archives

Crime Time

Les Tough Guys

Photographs by Yan Morvan

Royal Cheese


One out of every two sandwiches sold in France is a burger, making it the most popular food in the country.

Picture of the Day


Andreas Gursky, Tour de France

Sacré BLUE!


The French parliament is proposing a ban on colored inks used for tattoos, leaving only “black, white, grey and certain shades of blue and green” for use.

image by Shawn Hebrank

Neighbors Banging Loudly


That’s the theme of this French tumblr featuring audio recordings of sexual noises from neighbors.

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Exiles From The Land of Mr. Lonely


In France, a Serge Gainsbourg lookalike is on trial for the attempted murder of a Johnny Hallyday impersonator.

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I always want to pronounce this like Method Man’s Tical. Anyway, our friend Alexandra wrote up a nice piece on the Parisian brand’s new collection over on her website. Check it out.