Morning Dose of The Facts

Kangaroos can’t jump backwards by Rafael Mayrhofer

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Some of The Most Creative Heists of All-Time

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The More You Know: Porn Stars


Some deep research by John Millward

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107.7 Billion

The total number of people who’ve been born… ever.

Black Flag Hair, 1976 – 1986

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Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind by AsapSCIENCE

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The More You Know: Estimate The Amount of Remaining Daylight on Your Fingers

Count the amount of fingers between the sun and the horizon, each finger is roughly 15 minutes.

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The More You Know: Your Weight In Outer Space

I guess you can’t be over 205 lbs in space… ?

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The More You Know: How to use an Afghan Box Camera “kamra-e-faoree”

Surprised these haven’t made it to Brooklyn yet… Anyway, more at the Afghan Box Camera Project.

The More You Know: The Price of Body Parts on the Black Market

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How To Tell How Bad Your Breath Is

Take a spoon, scrape the back of your tongue with the tip of it, let it dry. Place spoon under nose of someone you like, get their reaction without explaining to them what you just did.


Traditional Book Printing Methods

“The Birth of a Book”

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