Q&A with Ray Caesar

1.Name, Age, Occupation, (formality)

Raymond Tiberius Caesar, Age: 50, Occupation: Sin Eater …not very formal but look good in a tux

2.The Superbowl question: You recently “finished”, your show at Jonathan Levine Gallery, where do you go now?(The interview was written after the JLG opening, it was delayed in being published)

Ha! my answer to this is always “I dunno!” I never make plans but things always seem to be in the works or come along and I just seem to gravitate to what feels right. I don’t really approach all this like a career or a business especially at my age as it seems to me my life is half over and now I want to spend the other half just making what I enjoy to make. I do have a book coming out in a month or so by Mark Murphy and that’s been a long mysterious process to me. I just got the first copy yesterday and its really a very very nice book with about 180 pages and I cant remember making all that work … not sure where it all came from.

I also heard from my gallery I may be having a show in Paris in the fall at Magda Danyz… I like Paris. I am already working on some new work and enjoying that very much.

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Ten Questions with David Casey

TWBE: Name, occupation, clothing label and beverage of choice?
David Casey / Producer, Current TV / APC / Jameson on the rocks

TWBE: What inspired your initial trek from Kansas to NYC?

DC: The Village. I used to drive an hour to Wichita to *buy* a Village Voice. I read Burroughs and Langston Hughes – both Kansas guys with romantic ideals about New York.

When I got here, I thought that type of scene still existed. I was the only New Yorker my age that knew why the West 4th Basketball courts were really famous (because Jaco Pastorius would sleep on the court). This didn’t really hit me until I forced a music journalist friend to meet me on MacDougal Street for dinner – he said he hadn’t been west of Broadway for years. He had no idea Café Wha was still around.

My favorite time in the city is to walk down Bleecker, Houston or Canal very early in the morning – trying to imagine what it was like.
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Ten Questions with Randy Krallman


Ten Questions with Randy Krallman, Director, Age 37.

So you just had two ads in the superbowl where do you go now?

I’m considering going to the bodega to get some almonds and ginger ale. Other than that, no firm plans.

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Ten Questions with Joshua Liner

1. Name?
Joshua Liner
2. Age?
33 years old
3. Occupation?
Art Gallery Owner/Director

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