Juul of Denial

The evolution of a Vape Nation.




Corporate Terra

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe.


For A Better Version of Facetime

To create their Handy Glass, Pentatonic converts recycled smartphone screens into sleek, consumer-grade drinking devices.


Print This One Out

What Are Screens Doing to Our Eyes—And Our Ability to See?


A New Stranger in the Danger Islands

A ‘supercolony’ of over 1 million penguins was recently discovered by a drone on the remote island chain off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.


Clean Machine

Dyson plans on going into the electric car market by 2020.


Silicon Alley

PINGLR is an app with some serious new beta.

Written and directed by Andrew Madsen Jasperson.


Return of the Robo-Dog

For a long time I considered the trusty Roomba to be my best robotic friend. Now, this may change because Sony is bringing back Aibo, their AI puppy legacy which has advanced to become capable of forming an emotional bond with its owner.


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Small Fortune Lost Due to Forgotten Password

The Bitcoin story.


Dopamine Hits

Hijacking the mind through Social Media.


Getting Played by Nostalgia

The Commodore 64 gets miniaturized and added to the vast market of throwback video game systems.


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