Snake in the Hole

Keeping Portland stereotyped, this girl had the #CRAZIEST thing happen to her.


“We practice sun-gazing as a substitute for eating.”


A new diet craze—replete with pinhole glasses—is allegedly emerging on the beaches of Hong Kong. It’s all about absorbing the Sun’s calories or something.

The Christ of Patience aka The 300 year-old Mexican Jesus Statue With Real human teeth


Such devotion!

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It’s All Fun And Games Until the Werewolf Enthusiast Grooms You For His ‘Slayer Covenant’


What exactly is a slayer covenant? Well, according to Mark Edwards—a 44-year old man who often dressed in a werewolf costume and role-played sword and gun fights with scantily dressed teenage girls in the woods—it’s “a world wide secret organization of Werewolves, Vampires, Werecats or Hell cats, and Hybrid humans that work together to protect the human race from the evil of demons and other evil vampires or werewolves.” Edwards went on the run with one of his underage playmates who he was grooming for the slayer covenant, and is now on $500,000 bond in Ohio.

100% Copper Tongue Cleaner

One of many unique thrift store finds over at Vice

Topeng Monkeys

Saw a little blip in Metro this morning about these masked performance monkeys in Indonesia. Cruel as it is, they’re definitely good nightmare fuel.

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Morning Dose of How’d They Figure Out They Both Had That Talent?


Ding, Dang, Dong.

via, guyism

Morning Dose of Some Weird


Not really sure how to feel about any of this yet.

Farm Fresh Girl from Cliitlove

(Thanks Shane!)

Morning Dose of The World’s Biggest Mouth



Keeping it Authentic

“Seeking one-armed drummer (No prosthetics)!” That’s what the wanted ad from Pyromania, a Texas-based Def Leppard tribute band, reads…Very Classy. Read more about it at NME.

Star Wars Christmas

They don’t make them like this anymore…Christmas in the Stars features R2D2, C3PO and a young Jon Bon Jovi. You can also click here to hear a Christmas classic What do you get a wookie for christmas (When he already owns a comb). Check out C3P0 AND R2D2, SLEIGH RIDE after the jump.

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Thin Waist, Lose Weight

As evidenced by this Massage Hoop shadily-endoresed by Angelina Jolie

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