With his electrifying pace and one of the most feared right boots in the Premier League, Ray Parlour was known for leaving defenders in his wake. However, the tables were turned on ‘The Romford Pele’ earlier this year as he went head-to-head with former TOWIE star Amy Childs in a game of ‘Electric Blackjack’ hosted by online casino experts – 888casino.

Following tuition from blackjack master John Scanlon of Aspers Casino, combined with tips from 888casino’s Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide, both celebrities were invited to the blackjack table to put their new found expertise to the test.

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On A Photo Journey with the Infiniti Q30



“The destination is easy, it’s everything in between that’s the most interesting,” says Michael Schulz, the adventure-seeking lensman behind the hugely successful Instagram account, Berlinstagram. Having posted nearly 6,000 photos since starting his account in 2010, it’s no surprise that Michael is always on the lookout for new ways to explore his adopted hometown. With this in mind, Infiniti asked Michael to cast his eye on the company’s all-new Infiniti Q30, a car “made for expressive thinkers” and designed around the desire for perspective-shifting journeys.
Marked by an elevated stance and low-slung roofline, the Infiniti Q30 inspires prolonged exploration and thanks to its agile handling, feels perfectly at home in an urban setting such as Berlin. Michael was able to capture this first-hand by using The Seeker, a digital compass specially created by Infiniti for a select number of influencers, to find the car in its secret location. Fitted with a GPS that can point you to any location on Earth, The Seeker gets you to your destination while allowing you to include as many gratuitous twists and turns as you like along the way. A dial shows you the way forward and lights show you how close you are to your endpoint.

The Infiniti Q30 gives you the tools to see your surroundings from a fresh perspective, and intends to take you on incredible experiences. Check out the snaps Michael shot on his adventure around Berlin, and then see how fun it is for yourself by taking one out for a spin. Learn more about the Infiniti Q30 and book your test drive now.

A 360º Test Drive in the all-new Infiniti Q30





Sunday cruising is for your grandparents, but the joy of driving isn’t lost on this generation of explorers, either. We just need a new way to navigate; one that combines our penchant for tech with our need for discovery. Infiniti took note, and is bringing back the glory days of driving with its all-new Infiniti Q30, a perspective-shifting car that transforms the road into a place of endless exploration.
The Q30’s elevated stance and low-slung roofline offer glorious city views, and the cruising for some is only enhanced by The Seeker, a digital compass specially created by Infiniti for a select number of influencers. This handy little piece of technology opens things up to an entirely new way to roam. Fitted with a GPS that can point you to any location on Earth, The Seeker uses a dial to show you the way and lights to show you how close you are to your desired destination. The amount of twists and turns you want to take along the way is completely up to you.
To celebrate the launch of the Infiniti Q30, the company sent a select handful of people on a little adventure. Using The Seeker as his compass, Cool Hunting Editor-in-Chief Josh Rubin set forth around the cobblestone streets of Krakow in search of an awaiting Infiniti Q30. Josh makes his way from a balcony in the center of town to the stunning, sculptural ICE Building where the Q30 is ready for his journey. To really capture the test drive from his perspective, the Infiniti team mounted six sphere cameras onto a drone for one incredible 360° test drive. This seamless panoramic experience gives you the option to change the perspective as you follow along. Watch as Josh jumps behind the wheel and tours the charming Polish capital, driving around the famous Main Square.

Josh’s amazing 360° test drive is just the start. You can also put yourself in the driver’s seat by taking the new Infiniti Q30 out for a spin. Learn more about the Infiniti Q30 and book your test drive now.

INFINITI’S INCREDIBLE “From Pencil to Metal” 360º VIDEO




Sit in the driver’s seat as the QX30 concept car is created around you

For the second of two innovative films that debuted at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa, takes viewers into the design process of the QX30 concept car. “From Pencil to Metal” brings you into the studio to see initial sketches of the vehicle being scribbled in thin air, as the car is created around you. From CAD files to clay modeling to the impeccable finished product, the team at Infiniti has put the driver first, creating a virtual reality experience where the car takes shape around you—literally; thanks to YouTube’s 360o video playback, users can look around the car as it comes to life. The team behind the project tells us, “Traditional media can be one-sided, and seem to talk at consumers. But VR allows us to literally bring them inside of the Infiniti brand, an Infiniti car and an engaging story.”


This is How You Live in a Small Space



Brought to you by Apartments.com

Don’t let a small space discourage you when looking for your next apartment. Additional space means nothing if it provides little function, which is why you’ll be amazed at what creative potential can be found in smaller living spaces. Even if your decorating options seem limited by landlord laws and rental agreements, here are some ideas that might make you rethink a space’s potential.

1. Consider Open Storage

If “limited” is a nice way of describing your kitchen storage space, opt for metal shelving units to give off a cool, industrial finish to your apartment. While it’s great for essentials like olive oil, fruit, and wine, a few decorative embellishments will really make the storage units serve both functional and decorative uses.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a basic trick for any interior decorator to add more size and dimension to a room. Mirrors reflect light and make spaces feel bigger. Hang large mirrors across from windows in your apartment’s living room, dining room and other rooms so it’s in an ideal position to reflect light back into the room.

3. Mount your TV to the Wall

Maximize your space by hanging your TV from the wall. This allows you to use your console for more entertaining or storage space, in the area where your TV would have normally sat. This move also makes the TV area look less bulky.

4. Chic Dining

If you’re working with a really cramped dining nook, clear furniture and glass tables can make the space look less crowded. To visually expand the space even more, hang up some artwork and add wall-mount scones for lighting. Minimizing the amount of furniture and lighting on the ground space will maximize the room’s space.

5. Divide and Conquer

While this may seem counterintuitive, dividing up floor space into different zones may actually make your apartment seem larger. Use your sofa or consoles to act as “dividers” within a room and create different living spaces within one general room.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, watch Brad Bellflower’s reveal of the all-new Apartments.com

Head to Apartments.com and consider these nifty tricks and tips for your next apartment. What you may consider a setback at first sight, could actually become the space you love most in your new apartment.

The Aether Cone



Striking in design, simple in use, optimal in sound. After spending many hours with the Aether Cone, these are the qualities that best describe this new wireless music player for your home.

Let’s face it, in an age of accessibility, music selection has become surprisingly more difficult. Think about how many times you have ended up playing the same set of tracks simply because you couldn’t be bothered sorting through your endless music library. By learning your musical tastes through experience and play, the Aether Cone lives up to its billing as a “Thinking Music Player.” Using voice command, simply touch the center button and tell the cone what you want to hear, and in an instant the music player comes to life. Using the extensive catalog at RDIO, no further thinking on your part is required. A recent voice request for “De La Soul” took us on a three-hour journey through the catalog of Native Tongues and other highlights from hip-hop’s golden era. Like your little audio assistant, the Aether Cone allows you to get on with your day.

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Moving to the Spirit of Warhol



What would Warhol do? That question was the genesis for Absolut’s most recent nightlife collaboration in celebration of their new Warhol Edition bottle. By joining together Leif Elggren, an artist who works with paranormal sounds (EVP), A-Trak, and light artist Schnellebuntibilder, the premium vodka brand threw an Avante-Garde Art Party in New York City that can only be described as “one-of-a-kind” with partygoers dancing to one of the most unique soundtracks ever created. Using the sound waves originating from Warhol’s spirit as the foundation, the three artists worked simultaneously in collaboration where Schnellebuntibilder’s light installation interacted with A-Trak’s music which was mixed with Andy Warhol’s words that were picked up by Elggren’s EVP machine. On this night in the true essence of Warhol, Absolut displayed that anything is possible through creativity.

Click here to see more from the collaboration.


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15 MB of Fame: Introducing The Andy Warhol Art Exchange by Absolut



To celebrate their new Andy Warhol Edition bottle, Absolut has developed an online hub to inspire creativity and artistic sharing across the globe. Featuring easy-to-use generative art tools, The Andy Warhol Art Exchange allows users to create a piece of digital art on the site, or upload a previously made work to be featured in the site’s gallery. In return, participating users will engage in an age old right exclusive to artists, the trade.

With the goal of becoming the world’s largest online art exchange, for each artwork a participant submits, they will receive one piece in return from another creator, with some lucky participants exchanging artworks with familiar names like Taylor McKimens and Ryder Ripps amongst others. In keeping with Absolut’s first artistic connection, there is even an original Andy Warhol artwork included in the exchange. So what are you waiting for? Enable that creative spirit inside you and visit absolut.com/artexchange to participate.

Check out some of our favorite works after the jump

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Title Shots: Luke Rockhold


Luke Rockhold is not the guy you want to fight for a wave, or a spot on the ramp. Yet these are exactly the spots where the MMA middleweight likes to be. Whether it’s in the line-up or at the skatepark, Luke is out there challenging himself and giving it all to his favorite sports. This is where he finds his peace, and his release. In this episode of Sailor Jerry’s Moving Portraits: Title Shots, we’re taken to Santa Cruz to learn how a lifetime of surfing and skating has shaped middleweight Luke Rockhold’s fighting style.

Welcome to the Odd-World of ODDKA


When you’re a spirit maker with a flavor range consisting of Twisted Melon, Peach Bellini, Fresh Cut Grass, Salty Caramel Popcorn, and Electricity, it’s safe to say that creativity is on your side. ODDKA’s spirits turn cups into metaphoric blank canvases for professional and amateur mixologists alike. But the brand does not limit experimentation to only drink creation. Through invention challenges, ODDKA seeks innovation from their audience. Take for example Makelight, the interactive studio seen in the video above. They used the Electricity flavor of ODDKA as a jumping point for an immersive experience where you’re able to compose your own music through the bottles. With a brand that’s open to encouraging ideas, the possibilities are endless.
Click here to find out more about the marvelously odd world of ODDKA.

The Spirit of BACARDÍ



Every brand has a story to tell, but some are able to explain it differently. To help bring their 152-year-old history to life, BACARDÍ put together a graphic novel dream team from two continents to create The Spirit of BACARDÍ – a graphic novel telling the stories behind the Bacardí family and Company origins in Cuba. Focusing on founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó’s son Emilio Bacardí, The Spirit of BACARDÍ follows Emilio’s relentless pursuit for an independent Cuba in the late 1800s. Through multiple exiles and imprisonments, Emilio Bacardí persevered, eventually becoming the first freely-elected Mayor of Santiago de Cuba. Through the power of this unique collaboration between writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred—who actually blended Bacardi Gold rum into his inks— the graphic novel embodies the irrepressible spirit of the Bacardi family, who since 1862, has faced earthquakes, fire, revolution, prohibition, and exile.  Quite fittingly, The Spirit of BACARDÍ ends with the creation of the original Cuba Libre cocktail in 1900, a drink that has introduced generations to the Cuban spirit.

For the next chapter click here and to enjoy the full story, click : BACARDI.COM/SPIRITOFBACARDI


for more information on “BACARDÍ Untameable Since 1862,” BACARDÍ rum and cocktail recipes, visit BACARDI.COM.

Introducing the First-Ever Lincoln MKC


Continuing Lincoln Motor Company‘s evolution as a leader in the American luxury auto market, this summer sees the introduction of the first-ever MKC; a five-passenger, utility-minded crossover marked by a sculpted design and an athletic stance. As the latest—and most modest in size—Lincoln SUV to hit the streets, the all-new 2015 MKC aims to capture the attention of an ever-growing population of city dwellers who are keen to escape the urban landscape whenever possible. To do so, the MKC comes equipped with a range of impressive features—some flashy, some subdued and all worth noting.

While the MKC’s sleek exterior is enough to capture one’s attention, an exceptionally serene interior is sure to keep it. Designed especially with the driver’s comfort in mind, active noise control paired with padded wheel wells (which reduce road rumble while amplifying engine notes) creates a heightened overall cabin environment. The innovative engineering actually uses microphones to monitor the sound profile within the car, which is then replicated and inverted by a signal processor to cancel out the initial noise-waves, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere that makes the MKC’s cabin one of the quietest in its class. And, of course, an enhanced THX II Certified Audio System is there for when drivers want anything but silence.
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