Views from the Inca Trail

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This is a collection of shots I took while hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  We used Llama Path as our trek guide, their service was top notch and is highly recommended.

36 hours in Miami

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36 hours on a layover in Miami, a lot of art before my camera died.  Artorialust is on its way for the weekend as well.

Dave Schubert

We are pleased to present new photographs by Dave Schubert.

Artorialust: Midtown to Downtown

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From a spot we thought was a hotel to an event we thought was an art opening, there was much to do and think about doing over the course of the night.  El Toro documents the scene.

Artorialust: A couple weeks ago edition

A nice, classy set was out at the beginning of October.  What else would you expect at Joshua Liner Gallery?


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Just off bowery in an Anonymous basement El Toro found a flock of Birds.

Anonymous Gallery

ARTORIALUST: Doze Green & Blek Le Rat

Take one part Rock Steady and one part joie de vivre and mix with Jonathan Levine’s Gallery and boom! It equals babes galore.

El Toro was on the scene taking visual evidence.

Artorialust: Kern edition

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What else would you expect at a Richard Kern opening? Dub photographer El Toro documents the hot chicks on the scene.
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Now proceed with the fun.

Artorialust: Throwback Edition


Diggin’ through some files, I found an entire folder from Shepard Fairey’s E Pluribus Venom show at Jonathan Levine’s temporary Dumbo Space. Big ups to Stevie T who took the flicks, we may have to put him back on…Once again, Hot Chicks at Art Openings.

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Artorialust (formerly known as Hot Chicks at Art Openings)


Last night’s Outsiders opening at Lazarides pop-up gallery was spectacular, so we drop on you a re-branded Hot Chicks at Art Openings.  Now officially known as Artorialust.

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The Artorialust


This week it was stretched a bit thin but, the ladies came through in the end. after the jump, all of the fun.

photos courtesy of me, last rites, sam horine (village voice), j-no, upper playground

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The Artorialist, art OpeningS: Stolen edition


This weeks installment is titled Stolen Edition. I was a bit under the weather and did not make it out as much as I should have, so I resorted to the internets.

I want to open this up to contributions, so we can represent the hot chicks who frequent art openings worldwide.  If you’re interested, drop me a line at dw (at) theworldsbestever (dot) com.  Now, the one and only original, Hot chicks at art OpeningS.

photos by Me, Chas, Bernie McGinn, The Cobrasnake, John Trippe, j-No

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