Bummer Beach by Chris A. Smith

Tech billionaire Vinod Khosla bought the land abutting a popular surfing cove. Then he boxed the surfers out. The craziest thing? He might get away with it.

Good One.


Faces of Real Estate, a project where a Minneapolis-based creative named Phil Jones has been getting very detailed and creative in replacing images in bus stop realtor ads with his own.

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Not Rotten


John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, and his heiress wife have put their beachside Malibu ranch home up for sale for a post-punk $1.995 million. Featuring 4 bedrooms, hi-beamed ceilings, and an extra large pool, with waterfall, the house is perfect for “artists, musicians, surfers & visionaries.”

Buy a Ghost Town with a Liquor License


Here’s your chance to turn Seneca, CA back into the wild, multi-cultural gold mining town it once was

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The Trouble With Stuff by Constance Rosenblum

Selling a Hoarder’s Apartment

Grand Street, Williamsburg’s Mason-Dixon Line


Neighborhood identity in New York

$190 Million


The asking price for Copper Beech Farm, a 12 bedroom 50 Acre Waterfront Estate in Greenwich, Connecticut. The property includes two islands, walled gardens, a 75 foot pool with hot tub, a beach, a grass tennis court, a greenhouse, a stone carriage house and a cottage.

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Tanera Mòr


Own this 800 acre island Scottish Island for only $3.9 million, and obtain the ability to design and issue your own stamps.

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Yes Please!


On the market for $29 million is Bayleys Plantation, Eddy Grant’s 30 acre Barbados estate that was the ill-fated location for the recording of the Happy Mondays last album with Factory Records. Things that allegedly happened there included the band taking furniture out of the house and trading it for crack, the building of crack dens made out of chaises inside of the pool, and Bez breaking his arm after overturning a hired car.

Tony Wilson chose the island because it was free of heroin.


“Hanging Pictures on My Wall”


A renovated version of Biggie Smalls old apartment in Clinton Hill is up for sale at the price of $725,000

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Rocky’s House From Rocky 2 is On The Market


$139,000. Philadelphia, get yours.

The Juicy House

For about $11 million you can own the Setsuo Ito designed house where Biggie Smalls’ Juicy video was filmed.