Has Anyone Seen Tyler Brûlé’s Signature?

I’m wondering if he really adds those obnoxious doo-dads to it.

Anyway, The NY Times gave him a glowing write-up yesterday, and Gawker subsequently took a different approach. Both are enjoyable reads.

If You’ve Got Some Time To Read

The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster Bashing

Rap Industry Fan Fiction

Short stories to keep you entertained.


gif via ruinedchildhood

“You’ll hear from me without a doubt when I’m ready.”

Earl Sweatshirt in The New Yorker

Bret Easton Ellis’ first attempt at writing young adult fiction

Brilliance in the form of The Babysitter’s Club. Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1

“Now everyone was staring at me and I wish I had eaten lunch or at least some of those Jiff/Wonderbread peanut-butter sandwiches Mom made. There was still some organic Farmer’s Market celery stalks that were half-wilting with Hidden Valley in those new melamine plates in the middle of the room, but I was two second’s away from shaking Claudia down for some Snicker’s or something, or maybe just going to grab the Tylenol P.M. in the medicine closet and my hands were shaking and why was everyone just staring at me?”

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