Sasha Frere-Jones traces the riot-grrrl movement

“When you hung that sign by the entrance that says, WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN!, were you just messing with our heads?”

So many questions in this NY Times review of Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square

Drinking With Tim Riggins

Beer Cries. Closed Hearts. Strong Booze.

Kermit Oliver

How A Texas Postman Became An Hermès Designer

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There’s No Emoji For Bricked Shot

I needed one of those last night. Anyway, Emoji’s Explained.

Back to Blood

Tom Wolfe’s new novel about Art Basel Miami Beach.

Read an excerpt over at Vanity Fair

Diggin’ Deep and Leavin’ No Stack Unsifted

Chicago-based reissue label The Numero Group are modern day (musical) treasure hunters.

“I do remember that I was eating a sandwich.”

The Oral History of Cheers

During The Siege of Leningrad All of the Animals in the City Died

Here’s a story about the cats who live under the Hermitage Museum

Relevant Reading

Did Blowing into Nintendo Cartridges Really Help? (You bet it did)

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Famous Last Words

A 55-year-old African Grey parrot named Tarbu mustered up enough bird energy to squak ‘cheerio’ before making its way to bird heaven.

This is the only bird obituary you need to read today.

You Gotta Love The Potential of the Internet

About 4 days ago. this guy named @hella_brad live-tweeted his first acid trip.

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