Tom Sachs Indoctrination Zine

Extremely limited edition, hand-sewn on the surface of Mars.

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

Justin Blyth has a new zine out through Arkitip

What’s Going On In NY & LA this Weekend

NY: Save Grand Billiards Zine Fair, Jim Joe at NY Art Dept., Wet Wet, Bushwick Basel, and all of Bushwick Open Studios, really.

LA: Matt Furie and Michelle Devereux at New Image ArtHester Goes To Hollywood, and Youth at Suede LA

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One of The Greatest Card Collectors of All Times

The NYTimes looks at the life of Jefferson R. Burdick, whose card collection is housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Creep Club Fold-Out Zine by Jay Howell

10″ tall x 40″ wide.

Available here

From Picasso to Cocteau

A postcard made and sent in 1919 from the charming coastal town of St. Raphaël.

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Prints and ‘Zines

Alex Lukas has put together a pretty great collection of them on Tumblr

The Only Thing More Brilliant Would Be if the Middle Pages Were Made of Rolling Paper

Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned: The Notebook

Yea I’m Vandalism

Photos by Dan Murphy in a zine published by Hamburger Eyes

Morning Dose of Keep Calm and Carry On


The story behind the poster.

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Parra and Shepard Fairey Creative Superstore Editions pocket-sized notebooks

Available here

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Lindzine #2

A look at The Wormholes second issue of the Lindsay Lohan fanzine Lindzine, featuring drawings from Aiyana Udesen.

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