No Glasses Required


This Is Your God is a two volume publication by Piero Glina celebrating the 25th anniversary of John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live.

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The Japanese Multi-Notebook

Posters from Fashion Moda

The South Bronx art space founded by Stefan Eins in the late 1970s.

The Humunga Cowabunga From Down Unda

Ten Years of Monster Children Magazine



Printed Matter’s 8th annual fair happens all weekend long and brings together the best independent publishers in the world.

The New York Burger Map


Made by All-You-Can-Eat Press and featuring 41 New York City burgers

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Dungeon Family

A fun, little zine by Matt Furie. Published by Mt. St. Mtn.



New from The Wormholes

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The Summer Issue


New York has The Newsstand, but now L.A. has its own pop-up newsstand at Greene Gallery in Culver City. Summer Issues Cooperative is a two-week exhibition that features current and archival art magazines from more than 20 international publishers. The best news? All the magazines are free.

Zine Talk with Lele Saveri at #theNewsstand


interview by Mauricio Vargas

Lele Saveri is a busy man these days. What with his photography work stretching him between New York and Italy, his latest installment of the 8 Ball Zine Fair this Sunday in Midtown, and curation & upkeeping ALLDAYEVERYDAY’s pop up zine shop #theNewsstand, one wonders how the Roman native has time to be so friendly. Lucky for us, he was. So we popped by the stand where he juggles a plethora of reading material, press inquiries, and subway traffic to answer a few questions for us.

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Partner In Crime

A new zine by Austin McManus

“The project “Partner in Crime” challenges gender-based stereotypes commonly associated with vandalism, while offering an alternative perspective on the physical act of writing graffiti. By recruiting first-time female participants, I hoped to capture a playful side and a certain innocence, something I don’t think could have been achieved if the subjects were not inexperienced.”

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That’s Not A Trash Can. Now It is!


The Zine.

“A photo journalistic look into the tragic comic world of trash that has been placed, shoved and squished into things that are not trash cans.”

Published by Deadbeat Club Press