The current atrocity and How to Build an Autocracy.

Baby Steps

The Golden Führer is afraid to walk down stairs and inclines.

“Now Raise Your Shrunken Hand and Repeat After Me”

America For Sale

As if this sacred earth needs any more stress, those rulers of ours are now planning to transfer the financial burden of 640 million acres of federal land back to the states, almost ensuring their sale to the highest bidder. NATURAL RESOURCES, BABY!


Meatscape by Nicolas Lampert

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Back to DAPL

With a few strokes of his tiny pen, budding Eco-Terrorist Donald Trump has put the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines back into play.

Survivalism of the Rich

Prepping to excel after the apocalypse.

For the People

Props to A24 who will be donating a portion of this weekend’s 20th Century Women box office to Planned Parenthood.

Digital Che

Chuck Lorre, entertainment hero.

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Politically Persistent

It’s as if—for the span of his career—Shepard Fairey has been creating an artistic arsenal in preparation for a president like Trump.

Golden Showers for the Golden Boy

What a crazy world we live in today.

Bye Bye Budda

Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana.

California, Naturally Defiant

Governor Jerry Brown, and the anti-Trump environmental movement.