The Beauty of Mangrove Forests

Kudzu Project

For her Kudzu Project, Helene Schmitz traveled through Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina to observe and photograph the nightmarish transformation of the landscape caused by the intrusive plant known as Kudzu.

— Zio / @zioxla

Night Flowers

Beginning in the late 1990s with a polaroid camera, photographer David Axelbank has continued to capture the world’s flowers at night—from New York to Norfolk and Boston to Brazil.

Zio / @zioxla

Plants & Animals

Speaking of plants, we’re digging this Plants & Animals series by artist Stephen Eichhorn. Prints of Nine (IV) and Nine (V) are available here.

Zio / @zioxla

Climate Change

Cold and wet and in an unfamiliar city, FUZI UVTPK and I were looking for a place to shelter us from the rain when we stumbled upon a series of greenhouses. The first contained temperate vegetation with cacti and succulents from the U.S. and Africa. (There is also annex of carnivorous plants that can be visited upon request.) The second housed a garden of tropical crop plants (coffee, cocoa and vanilla, for example), and the third featured orchids and ferns growing underneath the fronds of large palm trees, which had trunks wrapped in tropical vines.

Text and photography by Zio

Gardening on Salvia


I did some light gardening this weekend.  Just not on Salvia.