Pot Heads

Ben Sanders with the Deals!

Natural Communicators

Can plants talk to each other?

Corpse Flowers, Everywhere


Botanists have no clue why so many corpse flowers are blooming this year.

Hemp for Victory

Sowing the seeds for the return of industrial hemp farming in America.

Getting Kinky in the Compost Heap


Ecosexual Bathhouse, “a safe, NSA space where the enviro-oriented can blossomsubmit and explore.”

Drippy Style


Hand-painted terracotta pots by Jen Stark.

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To Protect and Serve


Cacti Coasters by Clive Roddy

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The Doors to the Doomsday Vault Are Opening


Due to ongoing devastation from the Syrian Civil War, the first request for withdrawal of seeds suited for dry regions has been made to the Global Seed Vault on the arctic Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.



The number of trees per person in the world. There’s an estimated 3.04 trillion trees on the entire planet.

Pictured: Adansonia grandidieri, Madagascar

Freaky Flowers

Echinopsis cacti in bloom.

Plant Heads


Illustrated Wooden Planters by Barcelona-based artist Damián Quiroga

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There’s a New Fungus Among Us


And the mushroom looks remotely human, too. The poisonous Geastrum britannicum was discovered on the side of a country road in Norfolk, England.
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