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Corey Arnold, 30, is a Freelance Photographer and Alaska Crab Fisherman. During October, January, and February you will find him working and photographing aboard the f/v Rollo in the Bering Sea. The rest of the year he lives in Norway or Portland, Oregon and spends the working hours photographing for exhibitions, art projects, books, magazines, bands, and advertisments. Recently, Corey has been focused on making pictures aboard fishing and whaling vessels in Northern Norway and Alaska. You might have seen him as a deckhand aboard the Rollo in the Discovery Channel’s emmy nominated series “Deadliest Catch 2”.

Corey’s work has been exhibited galleries, museums, and other venues worldwide. Photos from the Norwegian fishing industry were made possible by a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation. Assignment and other clients include the Discovery Channel, Outside Magazine, Giant Robot, Rolling Stone Italy, Adbusters (VRENG-N), SOMA Magazine, Dagbladet Magazinet(N), Karl’s Cars Magazine (N), Aker Seafoods, Alaska Seafood, Red Ledge Clothing, National Fisherman Magazine, Alaska Fisherman’s Journal, The Fisherman’s News, Fett Magazine (N), and Norwegian bands such as Turbonegro, Mayhem and Superfamily. When not photographing Corey also likes to write in the third person, skateboard and teach his cats to catch paper balls.

fashion ad campaign


This is the worlds best ever fashion campaign for Miu Miu, with a behind the scenes photo “documentary”. After view the pictures, you feel like you just flipped through a PG-13 version of Nobuyoshi Araki’s portfolio.

screen savor for your Sony’s $33k 70-inch LCD with x.v.Color

So you just bought yourself the most expensive toy, and HD is not enough. Well then there is panoramica. They have created dvd’s that are basically slideshows of amazing images. So you never have to turn off your tv again. In there words…”Breathtaking still and moving images from a broad range of world-renowned artists and photographers. ‘Ambient’ in concept, there’s no storytelling, no narrative, just a constant stream of compelling beauty.”


Recently departed photographer Bob Carlos Clarke was Britain’s leading photographer specializing in female sensuality. He was renowned for his striking silver prints which are highly prized by collectors worldwide. With style, sensitivity and a sense humour uncommon in the genre, Carlos Clarke balanced his highly-charged images on the razor-edge of fine art, and nobody did it better.
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Mick Rock is the man who shot the seventies in all its glorious pomp when the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, the Stones, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, Queen et al exploded onto the scene.
On stage, backstage, up close and personal – Punk Drunk Love captures Glamrock