T. Enami

T. Enami was a Japanese photographer who lived from 1859 until 1929.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

This week…

Banksy went to Sundance

We looked at a see-through toaster

Coachella’s 2010 line-up sounds amazing

We read some conspiracy theories about the earthquakes in Haiti


Jacquelyn Jablonksi won the prize for hotness

Let The Poets Cry Themselves To Sleep

Adrian Storey aka uchujin is a Tokyo-based photographer.  This series captures people asleep in Tokyo in the middle of the night.

Picture of the Day

Adam Kimmel x George Condo for Kimmel’s Fall 2010 Lookbook.

See a gallery of the presentation here

dan martensen

Dan Martensen is a New York City-based photographer, have a look at more of his work here

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Picture of the Day

Judith Supine in Thailand.

photo by Patrice Roldan

Stolen Moments: Accessory Edition

Julia Chesky stopped by a packed opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery to photograph the masses this past Saturday.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round Up

Patrick Griffin

This Week…

Polaroid Came Back

We Looked at the Best Porn Stars of 2010

This portrait of John Lennon was Awesome

Mr. Tourette made us laugh


We love Ashley Greene

Kevin Van Aelst

Kevin Van Aelst, uses everyday objects as material for his work.

Recreating an Andres Gursky photgraph via Google Earth

That’s what Florian Freier did. Video after the jump

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all of the effort paid off, polaroid film is back

A while back we told you about the impossible project to save Polaroid, and its film. Well, something worked.

“The brand is back with plans to re-release the old instant film cameras and the iconic Color 600 instant film. Here’s a look at the new Polaroid PIC 1000, which is scheduled to be released later this year. The new camera should cost less than USD $100.”


Picture of the Day

Kent Rogowski