Picture of the Day

Wad Lund, from the series Hotel America

Richard Kern can do no wrong

THC & A (Naked Chicks smokin’ pot) for Vice

Boogie’s photos used as stills in How To Make It In America

Pretty cool, big ups to Boogie. Hard work pays off.

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Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Dave Schubert

This week…

We looked at Athletes when they were young(er)

This chase scene is most likely the best chase scene ever made in the history of the world

We introduced a new music column by Jay Howell

120 minutes of Art


Little Known Black History Facts is the funniest shit we’ve seen this month


Picture of the Day

Bryan Derballa

Eric Marrian

Based in France, Eric Marrian’s photography can be described as soft, erotic, and minimal.

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Meet Johnny Ace

Johnny Ace is a bass player, a photographer, and an artist. He has experienced a great deal of ups and downs and it can be seen through his work. Check out the video, it inspires you to create.

Picture of the Day

The Selby

Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog of Tokyo


“a documentary film that follows the charismatic photographer Daido Moriyama with a single camcorder as he wanders around Shinjuku with his camera as he takes quick snapshots without looking in the finder. The film even captures the moment when he takes his first digital photo. His stark, high-contrast black and white images symbolize his fervent lifestyle.”

Definitely looking forward to Daido Moriyama’s upcoming solo show, Hawaii, at Luhring Augustine this Friday (info after the jump)

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Picture of the Day


The Highfliers: Ryan McGinley for the NY Times

This photo essay of Winter Olympians by Ryan McGinley is beautiful. You may also remember he shot Olympic Swimmers for the NY Times back in 2004 (After the jump)

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Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-up

Dave Schubert

This week…

We gave some love to Manute Bol

Darth Vader was a freak

We looked at the work of Escif

We realized that not enough Black Chicks wear American Apparel


Charlotte Rampling made us look back in time