hot models in a brooklyn apartment

GQ previews Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton’s new book Upstairs, Downstairs & Outside.

Like you need anymore reason to click this link than promise of a couple more pics.

The spread was originally for Gravure Magazine

Picture of the Day

Austin McManus

Picture of the Day

Daido Moriyama

The Least Wanted

Least Wanted is a great collection of Antique Police Mugshots.  Here’s a sampling

Picture of the Day

Ray Potes

Kristen Hatgi wets the plates

Preserving the process, Kristen Hatgi uses the Collodion wet plate process to create images.


Picture of the Day

Yasumasa Yonehara

98 bucks for a tote bag

The Ari Marcopoulos/Tommy Hilfiger 2010 Biennial Tote


Buffalo Bus Shelters

A nice series by Chris Mottalini

via, dooby brain

Stuffed Tongues

Jason Lee (not Brodie) grew up in Queens, New York and is the Art Director of TransWorld Skateboarding.  This is his website.

Ed Templeton’s video walk through of Seconds Pass

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Dave Schubert

This week…

We Went to Philadelphia

A New York Skate Movie looks great

Julia Chesky checked out Shaquille O’Neal’s Size Does Matter

This girl replaced her pubes with crystals


Raquel Welch wowed us