Photographs from the Civil War

These pictures are fascinating.  For extensive pics with captions etc., click here

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Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up

Dave Schubert

This week..

Hot Chicks at an Art Opening in Buenos Aires

This guy left his son in the oven.  seriously

Kenzo Digital released Scarface Pretty Tony

We sweated this Persian Bear Rug


Ornella Muti just looks amazing

Shanghai world expo

The Seed Cathedral which will be the centerpiece of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, consists of thousands of slender acrylic rods.

For more photos check out Boston’s Big Picture

picture of the day


Ryan McGinley at Team Gallery

Another great show tonight.

Ryan McGinley
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
18 March – 17 April 2010

Team Gallery 83 Grand Street NY NY 10013
Team is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by the New York-based photographer Ryan McGinley. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere will run from the 18th of March through the 17th of April 2010. Team Gallery is located at 83 Grand Street, cross streets Wooster and Greene, on the ground floor.

For his latest exhibition, Ryan McGinley has shifted his focus away from constructing a youthful sublime within the boundless American landscape and has concentrated instead on creating imagery within the confines of his New York studio. The result is a surprisingly restrained, open-ended study of black and white portraiture. Here we see McGinley not as a chronicler of youthful adventure, but as an engine for an almost scientific cataloging of a kind of emotional optimism.
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A look through Phillips de Pury’s SEX Auction

The auction is tomorrow (3/19) in London.  SEX is fun.

Picture of the day

Xim Izquierdo

baby dictators

Check out this slideshow on the Guardian of photographer Nina Maria Kleivan’s images of a baby dressed up as dictators.

Picture of the Day

Peter Beard

Michael K. Williams gets all Shakespeare

Terry Richardson shot a bunch of portraits of Michael K. Williams as various Shakespeare characters for the new Vice fashion issue.  You may remember when Michael K. Williams dressed up as Terry himself, that’s Michael as Hamlet above.

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picture of the day

Persistent Pyramids by Anatoly Zenkov

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Dave Schubert

This Week…

Diet went to LA and photographed some Hot Chicks at an Art Opening

SF MOMA had some great, arty snacks

Apparently, there are many different kinds of bitch

We were amazed by the size of Oarfish


We looked back at Sharon Tate