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Sandy Kim

Picture of the Day

Amanda Friedman, who’ll be part of Transplants which opens at This, Los Angeles on Friday.

Picture of the day

Ben Pier

Picture of The Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Zoe Strauss

This Week…

We found a bunch of Hot Chicks at an Art Opening

Ruedi’s Alpa Camera looked aweseome

We got excited about Faile and Bäst’s Deluxx Fluxx coming to NYC next week

GURU Rest In Peace


Marloes Horst opened up beautifully

Picture of the Day

A brief look through a Dave Schubert Zine circa 2002.  Here

Picture of the Day

Jerry Hsu


Check out this collection of Lego images from LegoJeff

Picture of the day

Tim Barber

Inspected Gadget: Pano App for iPhone

Skipping past the news (or, non-news) of the weekend’s technology-world-a-tittering over reports of a new iPhone, I was digging around this morning for some fun photo apps and came across a reduced price on the Pano app. I’ve always been into true panoramic photography, even going so far as to rent some of the real deal, rotating-lens variety of cameras. So if you can’t justify carrying around a Linhoff, Horseman, or even the Lomo Horizon, at least there’s an app to get you wet. To quote RoboCop, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” (I stitched together the photo above by taking six portrait photos from left to right, covering a three block span of buildings. Another random test shot after the jump.)

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Volcanoes are so Hot Right Now

Images from Eyjafjallajokull

via, Marco Fulle & The Big Picture

Youth in the City

Make sure to catch Younger Than I’ll Be at BAM. Curated by Skye Parrott, the show captures the feelings of growing up in NYC in the 80′-90’s through photography (though not necessarily from that time period).  Photographers include David Armstrong, Cass Bird (above), Larry Clark, Jessica Craig-Martin, Adrian Gaut, Nan Goldin, Marcelo Gomes, Saul Leiter, Robert Longo, Skye Parrott, Virginia Parrott, Jack Pierson, David Schoerner, Peter Sutherland, and Weegee.

Younger Than I’ll Be runs through to May 23rd.

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Dave Schubert

This Week…

We were amazed by this illusion

This old dude in Australia has got to have rabies

We visited the Mercedes-Benz Design Studio in Germany

Revok showed us The World’s Best Graffiti (pt. 2)


Clio Suicide looked big in all the right ways