defying gravity

Beautiful work by photographer Toby Burrows. A few more shots after the jump.

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Picture of the day

Dennis Hopper, Portrait of James Rosenquist, 1964.

Courtesy of Tony Shafrazi Gallery

Picture of the Day

Tobias Wong (1974 – 2010)
Rest in Peace

photo by Nigel Parry

Picture of the Day

Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffith

Ryan McGinley’s Photographs of M.I.A. for the NY Times

Gorgeous. (making of video after the jump)

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looking into the past

The other day I was led to a flickr pool called Looking into the Past, it’s like sleeveface for places.  Have a look

picture of the day

Jason P. Howe

picture of the day

Robert Capa


picture of the day

Pep Bonet

The Photography of Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Multi-faceted. More here

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Nobuyoshi Araki

This week…

We looked through images of Richard Colman setting up his new show

Gregg Greenwood took some great pics at Pil’s performance at Terminal 5

Fauxreel’s new street project Carl the Plastic Baby looked interesting

Jay Howell shared some great music


Jayne Mansfield took sexy back

The Big Caption

A nice complement to The Big Picture