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Horst P. Horst

Picture of the Day

Ryan Paonessa

Ryan McGinley – Life Adjustment Center


Available through Dashwood Books

Dashwood Book’s second Ryan McGinley publication “Life Adjustment Center” an exhibition opening October 29, 2010 at Ratio3 in San Francisco. Two themes are presented in this book, firstly a collection of b&w studio nudes many with wild animals, an extension of the studio series “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere”. The second features one of McGinley’s core elements as a photographer, “capturing his subjects in dreamlike compositions, rich in motion and color, during recent adventures on the road”. The book is bound in a blue cloth with red text on cover and spine and a red stain to the page edges.

Picture of the Day

Saber’s friendly neighborhood opossum

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Amy Stein

This Week…

San Francisco Giants fans be Smoking Weed

Avocado fries made us drool

We visited David Shrigley’s show at Anton Kern

Just Dude It


Georgia May Jagger

Picture of the Day

For the longest time I’ve wondered what it must have looked like to be on the inside of a wholecar that had just been painted. Thanks to this picture, I have the answer.

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Shawn Records
Untitled, from the series Owner of This World

“Owner of This World is a series of photographs made during the four months that my son, Max Records, worked as an actor in Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic. Max was nine years old at the time, and neither he nor anyone in our family had been involved in the film industry before. Though the majority of these photographs were made behind the scenes, my goals were far more personal than objective. Beyond documenting Hollywood’s incongruities, I think of this series more as a manifestation of my own anxieties; a collection of both fears and reassurances, upon letting my son out into a world that’s beyond my control. In this particular image, for example… that may as well be me clutching the sides of the boat. The water may be only waist-deep, but if it’s murky, you can’t always see the bottom.”

Henry Chalfant’s New Website

When the site is complete, it’ll be one of the most versatile subway graffiti archives ever.

Have a look

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Spike Jonze

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And While We’re on the Subject of Biting

Vice’s convincing argument, RIHANNA MCGINLEY

Film Por Vida: A Print Exchange Program

This great show curated by Angela Boatwright opened over the weekend at Fuse Gallery. Featuring Ed Templeton, Joe Brook, Tobin Yelland, Sam Mlillianta, Dave Schubert, Dan Boulton, Takeshi Abe, B. Fonville, J.Siegel, Ken Nagahara, Weston Colton, Brad Westcot, Greg Hunt, Dennis McGrath, Bryce Kanights, Amanda Lopez, Tim Irwin, Isaac Randozzi, Mark Whiteley, Jai Tanju, Dave Franklin and Kingsley Ifill.

“Film Por Vida is an international exchange of photographic prints done entirely through the mail. After four years of operating the exchange, artist Jai Tanju began to upload all of the mail he received on a blog dedicated to the project…Film Por Vida: A Print Exchange Program will exhibit the collection of photographs Jai Tanju received though the mail during that 4 year period from hundreds of photographers artists and film lovers. They will be presented in plastic slips and attached to the wall via string so that the viewer can turn the image over to see both sides at his or her leisure. Also on display will be 15 individually framed images by a select group of major Film Por Vida contributors.”

On view until November 27th

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-up

Corwin Prescott

This week…

We produced a two t-shirts with HuskMitNavn. Buy them here and here

Nick Zinner opened a show at the Levi’s Photo Workshop

We were in awe of Jessica Hlavac’s tiny sculptures

El Mac finished a new mural in New York


Clara Alonso showed off her long legs