Pretty Peoples at the Surface To Air NYC Opening Party

photos by Christos Katsiaouni

Kalup Linzy in the Boom Boom Room

Until last night at the debut of the 2011 StandART video series at the Top of the Standard, I had never seen a man barefoot, donning a wig and tiny, terrycloth bathrobe singing beautiful, entertaining songs that many floors up in a building. Kalup Linzy reminds me of a cross between Cody Chestnutt and Wesley Willis. In regards to the new videos curated by Creative Time for The Standard Hotel chain, Terence Koh’s “Rabbit Holy Days” which was filmed onsite on the eighteenth floor was the standout amongst peers.

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In Celebration of A Companion

18 floors above the newly installed Companion (Passing Through) by KAWS, a happy crowd of artists, musicians, and entertainers got down to the seamless tunes played by Samantha Ronson and ?uestlove in the luxurious Boom Boom Room. Having never seen the piece in person before, it is a reality that the sculpture is an outstanding piece of art. Though strangely enough, nobody was in agreement with my interpretation of the whole thing being about food shame. That might have been the Hennessy acting up on my part…

Check out an interesting twitterfed gallery of the sculpture here, and peep it in person at the Standard NY through October 2011.

photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency