For Papayas, Next stop is Trannytown


Scientists perform sex change operation on papaya

jelly robot, pentagons new secret weapon


This is pretty crazy. The Chembot, a blob of goo that moves by changing its shape. Through inflating and deflating different areas, it has the ability to navigate over and through challenging terrain, ie squeezing through tiny holes, and shit, I thought nano particles was crazy this is the real life blob. Pretty freaky


editors introduce a new way to preview an album


Editors decided to step it up using Google Street View for their new album In This Light And On This Evening, produced by Mark Flood Ellis (U2, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode). Basically, you browse the street view and the maps to listen to the tracks. I have to say this is a really great approach to making it interesting and fun. I have had the album for a couple of weeks now and it’s in heavy rotation. In This Light And On This Evening takes you back in time, as it leaps forward.

The Penfield Rockford is back


Penfield, based out of Massachussetts, USA, has been making quality winter wear since 1975.

These were quite hard to find last year, but have resurfaced – The 2009-2010 Penfield Rockford.

Also check out the Stapleton – freshly added to our shopping cart.

rock block


Vintage 1959 Fender Bassman amps up for auction at Christie’s

han solo blaster pendant


If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your Star Wars obsessed girlfriend, a Han Solo blaster pendant will do.

friday’s vault


Neil and Lance, living it up.

metal is the new vinyl


You need to forget about all the vinyl, toxic poison plastic toys you have been collecting lately. Metal is the new vinyl, and FullyVisual makes it happen. It started as a side project and quickly evolved into a full-time gig.
Read all about it at Coolhunting.

Karman Vortices


Check out But does it Float, a site with a collection of amazing overhead shots of natural and unnatural events. From devastated forest to waterways, definitely worth the look. Here’s the lowdown on this photo….

“Each of these swirling clouds is a result of a meteorological phenomenon known as a Karman vortex. These vortices appeared over Alexander Selkirk Island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Rising precipitously from the surrounding waters, the island’s highest point is nearly a mile (1.6 km) above sea level. As wind-driven clouds encounter this obstacle, they flow around it to form these large, spinning eddies.”

twbe yacht

by: PeteChicago

We’re still taking donations even though it only has one helipad.

Batman: The Later Years

Alex Lukas has a new zine out.
DETECTIVE COMICS #978, September 2019
Batman: The Later Years
Batman struggles with going to bed early while Gotham’s villains communicate via text message.
Approx 6.75 x 10.25, 8 pages, plus 3 color silk screen wrap-around dust jacket, numbered edition of 100.
$5 + s/h
Definitely fresh.  Have a flip through above and purchase it here

bad ass motion grfx work

Check out some bad ass motion graphic work by d-sturbed. I am also into the track by ModeSelektor.

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