Interesting Lots

Lot 397: Saturday @ Phillips, October 25th
Untitled, 1997
Acrylic and spraypaint on wood.  48 x 120 x 3/4 in. (121.9 x 304.8 x 1.9 cm).
ESTIMATE $12,000-18,000

Many folks see the next few weeks auctions as a defining point for the art market. Make or break. I was going to get a bit ambitious and include all of the lots I found attractive.  I am however naturally lazy, so I found a way out of it by discovering an erroneus problem.  There are too many desirable lots, and in some cases the difference between them is minute.  I have however selected some great ones, pieces that should hold both their aesthetic and financial value and make their future owners very happy. Plus a couple steals!

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Check the Wedding


via, gorillamask

(Imperial) Fleet Week

Death Star over San Francisco, via CR Blog

They’re Back

by Copperpot

Got a chance to see Cheech and Chong this weekend at the Comedy Store in La Jolla and……….they still got it.  They’re planning a reunion tour and a new movie, so check them out in a city near you soon.  Read more about the whole deal here.

How to assemble an Hermès mannequin

Jingle jangle my methed-out middle westerners, it’s your Tambourine Man here, Gene Parmesan, coming at you with some fresh shit hot off the streets of Lille, France. While scavenging for change to buy a Fanta, I stumbled upon this beauty; it’s an Hermès mannequin assembly guide and indeed, quite a thorough instruction set to boot (there are like 5 steps).  This insightful read answers all the hairy questions you wanted, but were too scared to ask.  Consider: if you were building a person, what would go first?  The head?  No, that goes on the top above the neck and there’s no head anyway.  How bout the feet!  Next….. hmmmmm, the torso perhaps?  Gene P’s fav chapter is about the always tricky ‘right hand placement’: (spoiler alert) It goes down my pants.  Imagine, if only Andrew McCarthy had a manual like this in the movie Mannequin……

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Surf School Surf School

by Copperpot

West Coast TWBE correspondent senior Copperpot here with the surf report. Not much going on today so I’m headed to the track. But if you’re short on cash, and don’t mind looking like an ass, come on down to the beach and take a surf lesson. Make sure to bring a friend to take some pictures of you and your trucker-hat-wearing surf instructor.

The British are taking drugs

The Guardian profiled 10 of these people, but not the two above, that was just the easiest way to illustrate the story.

One word: Kwaktastic!

Your favorite Parmegiano here, it’s Mean Gene with a series of new posts where I’ll be introducing the exotic, rarely seen aspects of European culture to you yankee doodle dandies.  Today I’m dropping some seriously awesome new cereal on you folks over there on the wrong side of the earth.  I’m not sure what’s more enticing about this box; the 3 main ingredients listed on the back: sugar, oil and chocolate flakes, or the Duck doing an air-split over the cereal bowl.  This shit looks like it was part of the original Howard the Duck promotion package and I’ve only seen it in Belgium, as if that’s the only country that has Howard the Duck fans?  Either way, we know what Mr. Gene P will be eating every morning for the next couple of weeks…..  

It’s Shark week on Discovery channel and….

Chris Cornell jumped 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 sharks with this shit. He has been working with Timbaland, don’t get me wrong they both had made some good music in past, I like what Timbaland has done, but maybe he is spreading himself thin,… cashing in, not sure. As a friend has put it “it’s the gayest thing the world has ever seen“, and on top of that it was on Ryan Shitcrest’s show. Take a listen here and shoot yourself.

What’s a “haole” anyway?!

Gene P here, and to celebrate Kelly Slater’s 4th win on the WCT and all but wrapping up his 9th World Title, I’m happy to report to you, my gentle readers, after years of searching I have finally unearthed the secret to his success.   It’s all due to a lost mystic surf film, which he stumbled upon ages ago while searching for neon pink boogie board leashes at his local surf shop in Florida.  Did I astonish you? Well don’t fear dear reader, but yes, it’s true, Kelly Slater was originally a sponger. And it was this movie, mysteriously titled simply North Shore, that inspired him to give up the prone position. In this at times cryptic film to a bygone era, he learned all he has ever known about surfing.  It answers the big questions of the sport, such as:  How to duck dive?  What’s a “Barney”?  Just how aggro are the Brazilians?  And, can you tell someone is lame by the way they wear their shorts?  These and more are all answered within, proceed with caution my sweet baby-teethed blondies, these truths just may set you free……    

Reminisce Over This


Goodie Mob, Cell Therapy, 1995

check out transient homes by sub-studio

We kind of stumbled on this from clicking on some links at NotCot. I thought it was a pretty beautiful image, very Tufte. From Sub-Studio.