“How can a rich man stand such times and live?”


“He could buy a smaller car, for starters, such as the about-to-be-released Rolls-Royce Ghost, the first lower-cost limousine to be produced by the world’s luxury automaker in more than a decade.”

Priced at $245,000, a steal!

Times must be tough if you have to downsize the Rolls…. entry rap level.


update your portfolio


Take a look at this article from Smashing Magazine, how to make WordPress your bitch! Just kidding it has some really great tips and tools to apply to your design and portfolio needs.

q-tip gun


I found this site called “how to redneck“, it had a how to about making a q-tip gun.  It’s not something I would have thought of, but now I need to know how. Maybe you do too.

hey james bond

So, you have always wanted to be James Bond. Well, now you can! LG‘s new USB drive with fingerprint recognition and password lock, keeps your affairs in order and can be a great place to keep your porn!

Banksy Eludes and Mocks Big Brother CCTV

Banksy has been quiet for some time. Your patience has paid off.  Appearing on the streets of London over the weekend was his newest and possibly most ambitious piece “One Nation Under CCTV”.  The 3 story high painting portrays a red hooded child on a ladder doing a huge roller piece above the watchful eye of a policeman and canine.  The genius of this piece is that it was painted behind a security fence directly in view of one London’s many CCTV cameras.  Take that Big Brother!  More photos can be found on eddiedangerous’ flickr stream.

via, thisislondon

la vs war installation

la vs war installation


Our friends at Yo, sent us the word on a new installation and show coming up, here’s a tease.

Check out the LA vs.War installation.

Collaborative YoPeace/Mear One poster mural and Mear One Gandhi mural….

Both installed Monday at:

8124 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

This was a legal install on private building 3 blocks west of The Grove.

More photos coming soon.

more photo’s

ok,scented pens…..now will someone make scented spray paint!

scented pens

According to Geekologie this is the best thing since sliced bread.  Now let me ask you… who’s going to invent the scented spray paint. It would take graffiti to a whole nutha level….  Possible scratch and sniff graffiti.

bowie on the block


David Bowie is on the Sotheby’s block at the end of November, you can buy some vintage t-shirts for a couple $1000.00 each. Or you can pick this little gem up.

“Fans of a certain age will remember well the nervousness they felt when DB was arrested, along with three others, at the Americana Rochester Hotel in the early hours of March 21st after a show at the War Memorial in Rochester, New York.

Press reports on both sides of the Atlantic screamed “Bowie Busted” (still have the cuttings) and there was genuine concern that our man could be sent down for fifteen years after he was charged with “fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana”.

Anyway, after raising the $2,000 bail each for himself and his companions (who included one James Osterberg, Jr.) David returned to have his picture taken four days later on the 25th.

Above are the fruits (steady) of that photographer’s labour in what has to be the coolest busted rock star photograph of all time.” Via (david bowie.com). Bid now on ebay.

Everyone needs one of these-the backup


“The Rack”. It’s a shotgun rack that slides under your mattress so the gun lies flush with the side of your bed at all times. The back-up. You have to watch the commercial.

detergent to protect your black T’s


Everyone has black tshirts, black pants, and black button downs, that will eventually become gray. Perwoll Black Magic is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent formulated to clean and protect black and dark colored fabrics. It helps black fabrics keep their deep, rich color. Black Magic is specially developed to gently clean and care for black and dark fabrics, while also being gentle to the environment. It works to maintain the brilliance of your black and dark-colored clothing, cleaning effectively in the process as well.