Morning Dose of Clobber


A mountain biker is no match for the Red Hartebeest


The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

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Inside The Washington Monument During The Earthquake

Park Service Rangers are a lot cooler than Park Police. Those guys suck.

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Dam Graffiti!

From the LA Times: “An anonymous band of artists painted a giant pair of scissors and a dotted line on the face of 200-foot Matilija Dam near Ojai. For years, an alliance of environmentalists, fishermen, surfers and officials from every level of government has called for demolishing the obsolete structure, which was built in 1947. (Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times /September 19, 2011)”

Morning Dose of Slacklining

While you’re in an office, this guy is focusing on beauty and his breath while walking over Yosemite Falls.

Carrara Marble Porn


I can only imagine this spot, and the process of extraction back in Michelangelo’s day.

via, justin r. saunders / arkitip

Glass Beach

Located in MacKerricher State Park close to Fort Bragg, California, Glass Beach owes its name to the nearby residents who used to dump their refuse off the surrounding cliffs.

More photos can be found at Kuriositas

photo: Meganpru

A Flying Saucer at the Bottom of the Sea?

Probably not but, let’s hope so.

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Forest Pitch

Craig Coulthard’s Forest Pitch project for London 2012 Cultural Olympiad is reminiscent in a way of Field of Dreams. The art project will feature a full size soccer field hidden within a commercial forest, utilizing felled trees to “create goalposts, a shelter and other infrastructure on site.” Once the two scheduled matches are finished, “the site will be left to grow back naturally, with some native species replanted to encourage a more diverse environment. The shelter will remain as a simple documentation space and observation point, to witness the gradual reclamation of the pitch by the natural world.”

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Evol’s Ground Installation at MSDOCKVILLE Festival in Germany

Upon arriving at his spot for the piece, Evol found “an endless meadow.”  So instead of building up in the environment, he went down.

“I decided to cut open the idyll, and pretend there is no endless meadow, but only rooftop-gardens of the disgust underneath …”

The 9×9 meter, 1.5m deep piece is beautifully executed.

For more photos of both the process and final art, click here

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Nature, always keeping it interesting

(Thanks Kristin!)

Big Up for the Big Sheikh

Billionaire Abu Dhabi Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan went huge in the earth graffiti game.