Massive Attack- splitting the Atom


The new track from Massive Attack, Splitting the Atom EP, a very nice listen, Also check out Pray for Rain featuring Guy Garvey from Elbow Tunde, from TV On The Radio, a perfect song for today after the jump.

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Where the wild things are first single


The movie looks like it’s going to be awesome but, I am not sure about the song, yet. It’s a movie song….. Listen before you buy here,  Karen O’s “All is Love” available today for download.

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Muse’s new single, “uprising”


This is the new single from Muse, Uprising. I heard it on the radio this weekend, and am looking forward to the new album. If you pre-order the album on their site, you can receive free weekly downloads.

listening to Ian Brown

Ian Brown’s new track Stellify

day late dollar short new radiohead leak’d


If you missed it, here is the new Radiohead.


The horrors of it all


I stepped back in time to find a great album. The Horrors first time around did not make it to my playlist. Not intentionally, it just never went there. This album, Primary Colours is getting amazing reviews and buzz. It was almost difficult to figure out which track to post for your pleasure. Very few albums hold your attention on one listen and this is one of them.

Mirror’s Image

Mirror’s Image

guess who’s back…

Eminem is back with a new polished video, “We Made You”. I thought he was fat and on drugs…. but it looks like he has been working out with Dre and making fun of everyone. It also seems like Samantha Ronson is played by Hillary Swank?

Morning Commuter song: the Doves Push Me On Remix


The new album is coming out soon, either leaked or officially, I am not sure what will be first. On the other hand the remixes are starting to pop up everywhere. Enjoy

Brody Dalle’s new band


Check out Brody Dalle’s new band Spinnerette, I really liked Distillers, maybe it was because Josh was involved but it’s a little more produced, is that good? Who’s whispering in her ear? Billy Corgan? Check it out let us know, I think we are going to get a few EP’s to giveaway. We will keep you posted.

Doves “Kingdom of Rust”

Doves return with “Kingdom of Rust” which I can only describe as Morriccone meets Morrissey and Marr—on a horse. Epic stuff.

franz ferdinand one listen review


The new Franz Ferdinand album “Tonight” comes out on the 26th of January. We received an advance copy and are bringing you the “one listen review”. Our favorite song right off the bat is Can’t Stop Feeling. The album has a taste of Emmanuelle 4 disco meets Bollywood beats. It’s on our favorites in ’09 list.

Cant’t Stop Feeling

Can’t Stop Feeling