stock shock….


Stock Shock is a “Michael Moore” style documentary about the short selling manipulation of the stock market through the rise and fall of Sirius/XM. So, if you are wondering where your money went here is a good place to start.

I also found this commentary clip as well…. after the jump.

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I have been a fan of Vincent Gallo ever since I saw him in Buffalo 66. He has always stayed true to his indie roots. This new film, Tetro by Francis Ford Coppola looks like it will be his biggest crossover indie flick. Its in B&W, which is a plus. If the film is as good as the trailer……check it out.  In theaters June 26th.

Wreckage of my Past: The Story of Ozzy Ozbourne

Whenever this comes out, it is gonna be good

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Lunchtime Laughter

Oh Shit, they’re remaking gleaming the cube


nope, something called ‘Street Dreams’

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The Sherlock Holmes Trailer


Let’s see what Guy Ritchie can do

our love of sasha

Ok, we are following her career now… Sasha Grey, an accidental Google search introduced us to her, now seems to be the hot ticket. She is in the new Steven Soderbergh film “The Girlfriend Experience.”

Check out this interview from (Holy Taco)

Who wants to go see AntiChrist?


Charlotte Gainsbourg in “Art House Torture Porn”? I’m in.

crouching tiger hidden vampire, Blood The Last Vampire

If you have not seen this trailer, then you should. What more can you ask for? A cute, half Vampire half Human, Japanese school girl kicking ass. From the creators of Crouching Tiger comes a damn cool looking movie.

Next Day Air


Totally under the radar.

“When a misguided delivery driver inadvertently delivers a package containing concealed bricks of cocaine to the wrong address, it sets in motion a desperate search and battle for the coke between the furious dealer that sent it, the fearful intended recipients that missed it, and the conniving accidental recipients that plan to flip it. Time is running out and everyone’s trying to get their hands on the package that’s been sent…Next Day Air!”

A new G.I. Joe Trailer

videodrome the remake?


David Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME  is as classic as it comes. If you never saw VideoDrome, rent it. It’s not going to be some flashy special effects-driven film. Think more bizarre and James Wood.

“Videodrome may be getting a update.  Universal has snatched up the remake rights – and that Ehren Kruger (writer on ARLINGTON ROAD, THE RING remake, THE SKELETON KEY, THE BROTHERS GRIMM and this summer’s TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) is updating….”

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Rumor,  could Tom Cruise or Denzel take over for James Wood?