sell out


If you can not tell that is Kevin Smith, side by side with Mr. Danger himself, diehardy Bruce Willis in Live free or die hard. You need your own opinion on this one, not to spoil all the action but, watching John McCain ( I finally get the joke, McBain, McCain ) jump off a jet fighter wing over the BQE, is a bit much.( I think that was the BQE)



New Brow art

The Birth of Pop Surrealism. “This is not a current version of Modern Pop Art. This a new movement, a new thinking in the art world. These are the artists that will inspire a new generation.”

A nice teaser/trailer for a sector of art that is slowly permeating the old stodgy model. No dates set as to when it will come out, I know they will be filming in NYC in June at the Shepard Fairey opening. More information at their website, here

FReak out on screen

David O. Russell freaks out on Lily Tomlin on set of “i heart the huckabees”

history of breakdancing


Germans love hip-hop and to prove it we have uncovered a great stop-motion video relaying the history of breakdancing. It looks to be inspired by another great stop motion film 360

bloody movie


300 is the Bloodiest Movie Ever, honestly. I guess they had to make up for the men in underoos and capes somehow. Blood and a little sex.

Killer sheep


On a vast New Zealand sheep station, a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into bloodthirsty killers. Click here to watch the trailer.


Grindhouse the new Quinton Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film looks amazing. Well, at least the trailer does. FYI, besides Kurt Russel, Geraldo Rivera, and Josh Brolin, are in it.

DVD release


Out on DVD today, American Hardcore. Buy it here

hollywood blunder


Variety reports, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to make a film about Milli Vanilli, the duo that rose to the top of the pop charts and fell just as quickly when they were exposed as frauds. I can only imagine who they have lined up to play the lead roles.

propaganda DVD


The four-DVD set ‘Animated Soviet Propaganda’ opens the vaults on decades of Cold War humor. These are no Disney-like fairy tales or Russian folk stories. Instead, these animated short films intended for the Soviet masses painted a sinister portrait of life in capitalist America.

“Black and White,” produced in 1933, depicted a highway with an endless row of blacks lynched on telephone poles. “The Millionaire,” made in 1963, told the story of a rich American woman who leaves $1 million to her pet bulldog, who becomes so wealthy and powerful that he eventually is elected to Congress. And in the 1979 animated short “Shooting Range,” a jobless American youth finds work in a carnival shooting gallery only to discover the evil, greedy owner is now charging double

comedy of 2007


From the creators of Shaun of the Dead, comes Hot Fuzz,pegged as a remake of Lethal Weapon in West County. This film is probably one of the most anticipated film to come from the British in a long time. It also stars our favorite of the moment Bill Nighy.