Banksy comes to auction in New York

Sotheby’s Wednesday night sale LOT 54, BANKSY, B. 1975

SALE ENDS TODAY, 600,000—800,000 USD, 84 x 168 in, signed and dated 21 July 2006 on the overlap, oil on canvas

Over the next three days, during a very important time for contemporary art, three seminal works by Banksy will come to auction in three different auction houses in New York. Sale Ends Today (above) is a large piece that debuted at Banksy’s Barely Legal show in Los Angeles during 2006. That exhibition was Banksy’s coming out party to mainstream America and one of the key reasons why his works are now showing up in New York auction houses. After the jump, the two other pieces that will be on the block in the next couple days.

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How I spent my stimulus package

How I spent my stimulus is a great user enabled website to help “shed some light on where the stimulus money is going.”  I have yet to receive my government cheddar but, by the looks of it, the $600 I thought was coming will not be a full $600.

If you need some ideas of where to spread your money around, here are two links to stories about spending.

The 600 Club

Six Hundred Big Ones

George Parker

I was reading a book about con men last night and came across one really interesting figure, George Parker.  It turns out that he was so good that for some time he would sell the Brooklyn Bridge at least twice a week.  Other major sales included Madison Square Garden, The Met, and the Statue of Liberty.

chicks who you cannot afford…yet

This site, Park Avenue Peerage basically just shows photos of really hot, socialite-type girls and women. Yup, that is all it needs to be.

The Worth of Art 2


I just finished this book, The Worth of Art 2, by Judith Benhamou-Huet.  It is a fairly light read, hitting on some current topics such as art inflation and market climates, as well as buyers and artists motivation.  This would be a good time to pick it up as New York’s Art Fairs kick into gear during the middle of this week.

SoCal Tent Cities


Damn, the Media has been keeping this rather quiet.

via, Boing Boing

economic freakout slowly makes its way to auction


Just because you’re Cai Guo-Qiang and you have a huge retrospective at the Guggenheim, does not mean that your work will sell at auction.

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Thefts and fakes *Updated


Desperate times call for desperate measures. For quite some time the New Brow movement seemed to be insulated from the criminal world. Now, with the latest news of another theft of a Lori Earley drawing from Jonathan Levine, and word from Pictures on Walls and Bast’s website about forgeries of work, the gates have opened. With these artists commanding contemporary prices and our economy slowly falling to pieces, I guess it was only a matter of time before things started getting shady.

**The update now includes some authenticity issues regarding KAWS work.

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art flipper 101

flip-jacob-macgraw.jpgOver on the Art Market Blog, Nicholas Forrest describes to readers how he doubled his money overnight. Nice one guy!

The Amero

Until last night I had never heard of this. The Amero is the North American Answer to the Euro. It would feasibly tie the currency of the US together with those Canada and Mexico, although presumably our borders would still be secured. While some say this is a conspiracy theory, I fully believe that it is possible.

economically depressing days ahead


Ignorance was bliss. Now that I am paying attention, all of this impending financial doom is depressing me.

Investment Bank views on 2008

Economic fear in the UK

The Art Market in 2008

Photo by Mike Brodie

The British Pound goes down


Across the ocean, the Little Island with the Big Currency is seeing its Big Currency shrink a little bit. For the art collector, those Banksy’s are getting a bit cheaper. For the Art Dealer, cash out on the exchange rate now.
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