Fake Out Takeout

Shane Smith and the business of Vice.

Catch and Kill

The art of the cover-up.


More Money More Problems

How Oligarchs Are Taking Over the World


Small Fortune Lost Due to Forgotten Password

The Bitcoin story.


The Game Is Rigged Everywhere All Of The Time

How the Fine Art Market is a Scam


Daddy Weir Bucks

Business lessons from The Grateful Dead.



Manufacturing Bob Marley.


The New “C” Word

Considering the scourge of capitalism.


White Collar Crime Risk Zones

A map that utilizes machine learning to predict where financial crimes will happen across the U.S.


Cash For Tweets

Profiting from the Presidency.


Survivalism of the Rich

Prepping to excel after the apocalypse.

Upper Lower Middle Class

Homer Simpson, a man of many jobs and incomes.