Jim Goldberg & Barry McGee collaborate on a set of images for Vice’s annual Photo Issue

The Summer Issue


New York has The Newsstand, but now L.A. has its own pop-up newsstand at Greene Gallery in Culver City. Summer Issues Cooperative is a two-week exhibition that features current and archival art magazines from more than 20 international publishers. The best news? All the magazines are free.

The Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon


1000 cartoons are submitted each week, only 17 or so are selected. Cartoon editor Bob Mankoff dissects.

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Playboy in Marfa by Jason Farago

The bunny invades the minimalist mecca

‘yo, the owner hot boxed that restaurant.’


Eddie Huang gets interviewed in High Times

Artists Talk About The Beastie Boys Artwork They Made


Cey Adams, Haze, Arabella Field, World B Omes, Glen E Friedman, Ricky Powell, Todd James, Mike Mills, Matteo Pericoli, Bill McMullen, Bruce Davidson, Alex Grey, Kiino Villand, and Sunny Bak talk to Juxatpoz on the launch day of their special June 2013 issue, Beastie Boys: A Visual History + Tribute to MCA.

The Journey is The Destination

A behind-the-scenes look at 10 years of Ryan McGinley’s photography. The Ryan McGinley Purple Book is available with the latest issue of Purple FASHION Magazine (Issue 19).

The Art of Harvey Kurtzman


A tribute to the MAD magazine founder.

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Reaching The Digital Vanguard


A look back at Wired’s 1992 Media Kit

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“make it up as you go along”


Jefferson Hack tells his story. Respect.

The “Force” of Fur

Wary Meyers digs up that Star Wars x Vogue editorial you never knew existed. More info on their site!



Mean Streaks by Kevin Heldman (Rolling Stone, Feb. 1995)

“The first time I meet JA, he skates up to me wearing Rollerblades, his cap played backward, on a street corner in Mahattan at around midnight.”

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