R. Crumb’s Rejected 2009 Gay Marriage New Yorker Cover

Vice interviews R. Crumb about it

43 magazine launch photography show


Pretty Much The Reason Why Every Single Man At One Point In Time Has Been Like “Damn, I Need To Be A Photographer.”

Ben Watts Shoots Girls on Bikes for Treats Magazine.

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Eric Elms – Two Sided Stories

The concept and matte cutting are nice.

See more of Eric Elms’ work here

NY Mag’s ‘Basquiat in the Bodega’ Is Really a Phil Frost Painting on a Door

Even those who were ‘down’ don’t get it… “I wouldn’t say that it’s his greatest painting, but it’s not a bad one,”  — Kenny Scharf

Oh well, the piece was built on speculation anyways

Vice Buys Its .Com From a Porn Brand And Throws a Party

Rick Ross performed, and everybody was happy and drunk. It’s all about new verticals now. Check out the new Vice.com here.

photos by Christos Katsiaouni

Magazine Cover Pillowcases

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“Things that make you go, “Hmm . . .””

Beastie BOYS in Interview Magazine

Nasty Elevator Talk

@CondeElevator, an “overheard-in” twitter feed from the depths of 4Times Square.

Kate Moss Thursdays

Mother and daughter.

Photographed by Mario Testino for the September issue of Vogue

The Boobied Blonde Who’s Still a Teenager

Kate Upton in Complex for the win.

Brilliant Music Choice

The 4TH Annual BL!SSS Magazine Bikini Preview