Illuminating Artifacts


Using custom lighting mounts, Andy Shinkage turns old skate decks into wall flare.

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You Can Obviously Afford To Keep The Lights On


Gino Sarfatti’s Model 548 Table Lamp, 1951

Basic Illumination


The Henk Lamp by Jos Blom

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Daft Illumination


Moto, a wall light designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez.

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Shadow Dancing


A shadow sculpture of Michael Jackson made by Diet Wiegman.

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The Piccolo LED Lamp

Will match your iMac perfectly

Creative Balancing

The Lightweight collection from Studio Tord Boontje was designed “with the idea to develop an alternative to shipping heavy lamp bases around the world.”  Consisting of bamboo and paper banners along with a basket to hold whatever you feel like, the lamps are a nice touch to your zen-like work or living space.

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Street Art Misunderstood

An ‘I Heart New York bag light’ like the one above, got Brooklyn Designer Takeshi Miyakawa shipped off to Rikers Island over the weekend, as NYC police charged him for allegedly ‘planting false bombs.’ 

The Invisible Chandelier

Designed by Castor, the chandelier is a unique cluster of burnt out light bulbs that are lit from within.

Available through Matter


Dunk by Karl Zahn

Sports-related lighting for the win.

Magritte-Inspired Bowler Hat Lamps


Designed by Jake Phipps

Available through the Tate

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Teddy Bear Lamp

Made by Suck UK