Advice from Cee-Lo

For the next few weeks over at GQ, Cee-Lo will be a guest columnist offering readers advice on topics ranging from vasectomies to gold diggers.

The More You Know: The State of Social Porn

Created by Woork Up, this infographic breaks down the popularity of user generated porn. Rise of the Amateurs.

WTF, the Smith Family at BET Awards

Jaden, Willow, and Jada Pinkett Smith. I don’t even know how to comment on this one! It looks like someone ate Michael Jacksons closet and threw up on the read carpet.


The More You Know: ’90s alt icons

The 90’s music scene in one chart documenting everyone sleeping with everyone. What a small world.

Click here to see it big!


Artists trade for medical benefits

Historically, artists have been able to exchange their wares for just about everything and now they can add Health Care to the list. The Artist Access Program at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn allows artists to trade their services (mostly performance-based art, not physical artwork) for medical credits that they can use to cover medical costs. 40 ‘credits’ per hour, not too bad.

More on the program here


Mix one part street fashion(blog) and the love of bicycles and you have Copenhagen Cycle chic.


via the Whoa!

the adventures of a slave hunter

Meet Aaron Cohen, a one man A-team. Aaron is an ex-heroin addict and was Jane’s Addictions manager/guru, who now travels the world rescuing girls from becoming sex slaves. His adventures have uncovered evidence which has lead to global legislation to help prevent human trafficking. Did I forget to mention Spielberg wants the rights to his life story? Read the full story on Aaron Cohen from the Guardian. After reading the article this would be one reality show I would need to watch!

Buy the book, or wait for the movie. Neverless read the story and get inspired.

How to identify a Genetically Modified Organism

Your New Year’s resolutions are set, and you’re planning on eating less, getting in shape…blah blah blah. How about giving up eating Genetically modified foods? Here is how to spot a GMO (genetically modified organism) in the grocery store.  Check out the full article here on genetically modified organisms here but, what you need to know is this.

If the PLU (Price Look Up) is 5 digits and begins with an 8, then it is a Genetically Modified Organism

If the PLU is 4 digits (even if it begins with an 8) then it is not a GMO

For more info on GMO, check out wikipedia.

balls of steel inspiration


Paraplegics doing handrails, riding bowls, and so on. If this does not inspire you, then I am not sure what will.

99X NYC Closed; R.I.P.


It’s clobberin’ time. Remember wondering where to get your Docs, Fred Perry gear, Merc suits, Vans, creepers, braces, football club scarves? Back in the day, 99X in NYC was the top shop to pick any of these up or even have them custom ordered. The staff knew their shit –  Hardcore, ska and punk (in that order) discoveries old and new, domestic and international, were always in rotation in the store. They’re closed as of now due to either the pressures of time or money. Maybe the wall of death of competition knocked them down on the dance floor: copycat stores on St. Mark’s, internet stores, malls, and local Fred Perry and Ben Sherman outposts could have killed the love. In the photo above, a worker can be seen scraping stickers off the wall. Looks like someone was smart enough to grab the store sign and flag. R.I.P.!

Now I have seen it all, maybe not!


“Don’t go unnoticed, don’t blend in”, I think I just threw up in my mouth. I guess Miracle Whip was always on the cutting edge. Check out the awesome ad from ’82 after the jump.

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