The Spoon Scale

Accurate to within 1/10th of a gram, the spoon scale can switch easily between grams and ounces.  Why is it the first thing I thought of was drugs?  Maybe the rock salt has something to do with that.

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China Vagina

After you’ve cleaned your plate, you’ll be ready for dessert.

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how do you like it hot or cold

temperature coffee mug

Remember the shirts that changed color as you get hotter. Well not to many people do, but I have to say this is a great use of the technology, You will never burn your lip wondering if its ready to drink!    Available at Charles and Maria, today for 25.00

“At plain sight it is a standard black mug as they come a dime a dozen and in big white letters it say COLD. Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color and is turning white and in big black letters it states: HOT”

the perfect martini


The Martini Glass created by AlissiaMT known to all of you design aficionados out there for her wonderful collection of ‘diamond’ rings. “The InsideOut Collection of barware turns the common knowledge of what a drinking glass should look like on its head.” And we all know when you buy the $20.00 martini, you want to drink every last bit of it, and do what ever you can to avoid spilling the nectar of god’s as you bring the glass to your lips. Available at for $55.00 for a set of two.

dishware with a little extra slice